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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Nadeshicon 2018 Haul!

Hello my sweet praline ice creams! ^w^

I'm back on my blog today to share my Nadeshicon haul! ~ It's the last post from my Nadeshicon trip! ~3~ I know it has been a while since the convention but I've been trying my best to keep my posting schedule of 2-3 posts a week... And I had a lot to say about this convention and my trip to Quebec city. ^w^''

Here is everything I got (and received!) at the convention! ^w^

I wanted to start with the most important things, the gifts! I didn't expect to receive any but to my surprise I did! ~

I got that cute little lilac flowers from Nozomi from that awesome Love Live group! ^w^ I'll cherish it forever as a memory of this moment! ~ The other things were gifts from the Sagutayo club! I've got some yummy candy, a pin with the logo from the Sagutayo club, a small manga, a cute lilac pony bag charm and a hama Pusheen with a donut! ^w^ It was such a nice surprise to receive this little goodie bag on the Saturday morning! :3

Now onto the things I actually got for myself, including a few gifts from the Prince too! (Don't worry, I got him a couple of things too! XD)

Also, you can click the name of the shops to access their Facebook page too! :3

From The Littlest Gift Boutique, I got two new Pusheen plushies for my collection! (The Prince got me the Super Pusheenicorn one at their booth right when the dealer's room opened, he knew she was super rare!) These two are probably my "Holy Grail" Pusheens! ^w^ The Super Pusheenicorn is for obvious reasons; It lights up and play music when you press the little crescent moon on her butt! XD; I've looked up to get her online when she was released and she was almost impossible to find for a reasonable price... I'm so glad the Prince got her for me! ^w^ As for the Donut Pusheen, she was one of the first Pusheens I actually saw in store at my local mall... But I didn't get her back in the days... And I regretted it deeply... ~3~ So when I saw that she was available at their booth I grabbed her without hesitation! ^w^

From CatherinetteRings I got a Luna/Artemis mug! :3 The Prince was already getting two other mugs from their shop and they had a special price if you would get three... I was already looking at it so the Prince kindly got it for me! ^w^ There is Luna on one side and Artemis on the other side! ~ It slowly became one of my favourite mugs I own! :3

From Yoruskie (Pokescrolls) I got this lovely Sylveon fan art! (Actually, the Prince got it for me too as he was already getting two other fan arts from them! XD;) Their art style is just TOO beautiful! There's even a little origami bow on the corner of the paper to match Sylveon aesthetic! ~ Go give them a like on their Facebook page because they deserve way more love than this! ^w^/

From one of my favourite shops at conventions, Pinkviviz, I got this little cake keychain! :3 It always break my heart to get things at their booth because I would just... Get everything at their table. ^w^'' On one side it's the little strawberry cake and on the other side it's the chocolate mousse one! :3 It's just too cute! ~ It reminds me of the Prince and I! ^w^

I tried to find the name of the figure shop I got these two at but I couldn't find them and they didn't had a business card... ;w; Well, I got a Sakura and a Mari figure! ~ Their figures were super cheap too, even for bigger ones!

The Sakura Cardcaptor figure is just too cute! You can remove the little Clow Card from her hand. ~ It's quite big too and I really love her pose and her outfit! ^w^

Here is the Mari figure up close. ^w^ There was a lot of other Love Live ones but none of them were my favourite, so I only got her. ~ She is the biggest figure that I own! For a cheap prize figure, she is pretty well detailed and the proportions aren't off! ~ I like her a lot! :3

Finally, from AniPassionJ I got some blind boxes figures! ~ I got two from Love Live Sunshine and three from Imouto Umaru-chan!

At first I only got this little Mari one for the Love Live figures, but I was a little disappointed since I already got the bigger Mari figure... So I decided to grab the other one at the end of the convention...

And I got my second favourite character, Hanamaru! ^w^ I was so happy! :3

I'm also super happy with the two Umaru-chan I got, I feel like they both represent a side of my personality! OwO

And... I also got a Sylphin one! I screamed so loud when I opened it! XD; She is literally me with her sparkly eyes and her :3 mouth! ^w^

That was everything I got at Nadeshicon this year! ~ I am very proud of the things I found, especially the cute figures! :3 I am happy I got to find some merch of my favourite fandoms/anime too! ^w^

Until next time my fluffiest kitten paws! ~

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