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Monday, April 23, 2018

Quebec City Shopping Haul! ~

Hello my sweet dandelions! ~

I wanted to share my little shopping haul from my Quebec city trip when I went to Nadeshicon. ^w^ Our group arrived a day early in Quebec city to do some shopping before the convention. ~

Here's a picture of EVERYTHING I got, both at the mall and at the convention. XD; Putting it all together like that, it look a lot more than I thought. ^w^''

I visited two big malls, the Galeries de la Capitale on Thursday and Place Laurier on Friday! ~ I think I was pretty reasonable with my purchases though! XD;

Here is what I got at the mall only. ~

Let's start with what I got at the Galeries de la Capitale. ^w^

Our first stop was the Univers Toutou! ~ This shop is similar to Build-a-Bear, you make your own plushie! It's kind of a tradition for me, each time I go shopping at the Galeries de la Capitale I make a plushie there. ^w^ This time, I chose a cute white and lilac bunny and I named her Kira-Hime! :3 She's so cute with the little sparkles in her eyes. ^w^

After that, we went to Sephora! It was the first time I went to a mall with a Sephora and I had an actual interest in quality makeup. XD; I spent a lot of time choosing what I wanted, but I settled for the new Fairy Tears lipstick by Too Faced! ~ I had a look at it online but when I swatched it in the store I knew I had to have it. XD; It appears yellow in the tube but when you apply it it turns into a nice shimmery cool pink with LOTS of glitter! ^w^ I've been wearing it a lot during my trip, I couldn't help myself. XD;

Now, let continue with the things I bought at Place Laurier! ~

Our first stop was l'Imaginaire but I didn't get anything for myself. XD; But I got the Prince some amazing birthday presents there! ^w^

We went at Claire's after our stop at the Starbucks. ~ I got some Pusheen blind boxes that I haven't had the chance to find in Saguenay and a huge bunny peeps plushie! ^w^ The big plushie was on sale after Easter so I only got it for around 6$ instead of 25$. XD; The funny thing is that I had bought the smaller bunny peeps plushie the week before for the full price of 8$. ^w^'' The big one ended up costing me less than the smaller one... XD; I was also super happy with what I got in my Pusheen blind boxes! I really wanted the white pegasus. ^w^

We also went at Lush after that. ~ I got some bath bombs, bubble bars a single bath melt and a lip scrub. :3 For the bath bombs and the bubble bars I chose from left to right on the picture: Pink, April Showers (I think, it's not available anymore on their website. ^w^''), A french kiss, Twilight, Melty Marshmallow Moment (which is a bath melt), Rose Jam and Milky Bath. As for the lip scrub I chose my favourite one: Bubblegum! ^w^ Now I don't need any bath bombs or bubble bears until Fall! XD;

We went at Bath and Body Works after that! ^w^ I already had a lot of their products left but I really wanted one of their candles and as I was there since there was a sale I splurged for two shower gels and a moisturizer. XD; For the candle I chose one that smelled like strawberry cupcakes. ^w^ I totally chose it because of the "Girl Power" packaging though, as I need a meaningful candle for my witchcraft too. ~ For the shower gels and the moisturizer I chose two scents I haven't tried before: Pink Chiffon, which smells like flowers and a little touch of vanilla and Pretty as a Peach which smells lightly of sugary peaches. ^w^

Our final stop at Place Laurier was the Sunrise! We have one here in Saguenay and the Prince wanted a shirt from there when we went to it a while ago here... So I took a look if they had it in Quebec and they did! ^w^ Since there was a sale I also got a Bananya t-shirt for me too as I saw it here in Saguenay too and I really wanted it! XD; I also got one of the Pusheen plushies I was searching for my collection: The Pusheenicorn! ^w^ Finally, I grabbed a Bananya figure since I already had two other ones from this collection and I wanted the original one too but it got sold out here in Saguenay! ^w^ (And since I was already getting the shirt, I got all in! XD)

So that was everything I got at the malls during our little shopping trip to Quebec city! ^w^ I'm happy I only got things I knew I liked and I needed so I cherish everything a lot. ~

Stay tuned for my Nadeshicon shopping haul later this week! ^w^

Until next time my sweet marshmallow macarons. ~

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