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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Nadeshicon 2018 Review! ~ Friday April 6th!

Hello my sparkly pink bows! ~

It's time today for the review of the first day of the Nadeshicon 2018! ^w^ As you may already know, the Prince and I went to the convention with our anime club here in Saguenay and we decided we would go a day in advance to go shopping at Quebec city. ~

Here was my outfit for our little shopping trip at Place Laurier. :3

~ Outfit from April 6th! (Morning & PM) ~

Headbow; Dear Celine
Blouse; Dear Celine
Jumperskirt; Dear Celine
Socks; Bodyline
Boots; Clobba
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Holley Tea Time & Chocomint

I decided to wear a comfy and simple outfit since we were going shopping. ~ I paired my Sweet Paris jumperskirt with a white and pink blouse to match my white boots since I knew I was going to keep them on. :3 I chose accessories themed around hearts, glitter and tulle for an elegant touch. ^w^

After taking my outfit pictures, the Prince and I were ready for shopping! ^w^

The first store we visited was l'Imaginaire! ~ I didn't really know what to offer the Prince for his birthday so I offered him a shopping spree there! XD; I told him to get whatever he wanted as a gift for his birthday! :3

He saw so many things he really liked! XD;

And I did too! XD; I didn't know there was a section with such cute Disney plushies. ;o;

After a while he decided on what he wanted to get! ^w^

The Prince posing with two of his gifts. ~ He couldn't pose with everything. XD;

We shopped for around 2 hours at l'Imaginaire, basically all morning. ^w^'' After that I was a bit thirsty and I wanted to try a drink from Starbucks for the first time! ~ We don't have one here in Saguenay and I was really looking forward trying it during our trip. :3

I had a Caramel Frappuccino and the Prince had a Strawberry Refresher! ~ I think it's funny that I got the brown caffeinated drink and he got the cute light pink one. XD;

After our drink we went at Claire's! ~ I really wanted to see if the Claire's in Quebec have more things than the one in Saguenay... And to my deception they don't! The only things I saw that wasn't there in Saguenay was the newest Pusheen blind boxes!

Of course I had to open them right away! XD;

We also went at Lush, Bath and Body Works and Sunrise! I stocked up on Lush and Bath and Body Works products while I was there. ^w^ It was nice to shop in store too! I am so used to shop on the internet since I live so far away from these shops but it was nice to smell the products and feel/touch the packaging. :3

I wanted to take more pictures and shop around a little more, but I was feeling a little bit exhausted/dizzy and we left Place Laurier a bit earlier so I could rest a bit before the convention and the fashion show starts. ;w;

The Prince with ALL our shopping bags from our shopping spree. XD; We obviously spoiled ourselves a lot. ^w^''

I also want to mention that the clerks at the shops were so nice, helpful and friendly with me? ;o; I was very surprised, as most of the time the ones in Saguenay are kind of rude with me. ^w^'' I had a nice shopping experience and it was nice to shop and feel welcomed into the stores and also not being annoyed by strangers about my style. XD;

I went to get ready for the fashion show after resting for a little bit. ~ I also changed my outfit for the fashion show and for the evening at the convention. ^w^ The fashion show was pretty much the first main activity after the convention started! ~

I was so nervous I didn't really take any picture when we were getting ready. XD; (I wish I had a proper one of my outfit. ;w;) My friend Érika took some lovely pictures of me and Francis on the stage when we were modeling for the fashion show though! ^w^

(Sorry for my weird smile, I was incredibly nervous. XD)

Outfit from April 6th! (Fashion Show & Evening) ~

Headbow; Dream of Lolita
Blouse; Anna House
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Secret Shop
Shoes; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Wristcuffs; Princess Pearl
Accessories; Paradise Rose, Chocomint & Offbrand

I wore my Little Bears Café jumperskirt coordinated with light pink. ~ I chose tulle and pearls accessories for an elegant touch. ^w^ I went with a Tea Party, bears & desserts theme for my accessories also. :3

Érika also took some pictures of Francis during the fashion show. ~

Francis was very elegant and cute in his Ouji outfit along with Panda-chan. ^w^

After the fashion show, we took some pictures in the dressing room. XD;

Yay! ^w^ You can see my accessories and makeup a little bit better here. ~ I also added my donut-bear ears for the rest of the convention. :3

I took the time to eat a little bit before going to Genevieve panel about the history of K-pop! It was a very nice, structured and complete panel, I learned quite a bit of things! ^w^

Well, after that it was kind of time to... Kampai The Sun! XD;

I asked the Prince to chose my drink for me. ^w^ It was very sweet! ~

We only had one drink before getting back to our room. XD; We were only the two of us and I was getting a bit tired. ^3^''

This was our first official day at the Nadeshicon 2018! ~ I had a lot of fun shopping at Place Laurier and participating the fashion show, even if I was a bit nervous I was super proud of myself. ^w^

Until next time my perfectly sweetened chocolate chips cookies! ~

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