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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nadeshicon 2018 Review! ~ Sunday April 8th!

Hello my fluffy pink poodles. ~

I'm back on my blog today for the review of the last day of the Nadeshicon 2018! ;o; It may be the last day of the convention and I was a little bit tired, but I enjoyed it to the end nonetheless. ^w^

Here was my outfit for this last day of the convention. :3

~ Outfit from April 8th! ~

Headbow; Fan Plus Friend
Blouse; Anna House
Jumperskirt; Momo & Jia
Socks; Anna House
Shoes; An*Tai*Na
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Sugar Raindrops & Paradise Rose

I decided to wear something more simple since I had to drive back home so I wanted to be comfy in the car. ^w^ But Shiro-Lolita is always a style that stands out so I looked like I made an effort anyway... XD;

Our day was very laid back and relax. ~ Since I was super tired from the last night, I decided to sleep in a little more in the morning and we also had to pack our things from the hotel so we arrived at the convention only past 11am. ^w^''

I finished to get the few things I knew I wanted in the dealer's room!

I had to pose with them since they were so cute but I didn't get them, sadly... ;w; At least I got a picture. ^w^

When we were finding a place to sit down to eat, Yannick got a picture with these awesome One Piece cosplayers. ^w^ They were very friendly. ~

I was very hungry for lunch since we didn't woke up early enough to get the free breakfast included with our room at the cafeteria. ^w^''

I got a bubble tea, a bunch of onigiris and mochis too. ~ (Aww, I miss them so much now... ;o;)

After having our lunch, it was the Lolita meetup! ^w^

I took some outfit pictures but they were taken a bit later and a Lolita already left. ;o; But she was wearing an awesome black starry dress, it was super elegant. ~

Justine in her Alice and the Pirates dress. ~ I really love how she can pull off rectangles headdresses so well. :3

Myu in a lovely blue dress. :3 That colour suit her so perfectly! ~

Marianne was there too but she was in her normie clothes. XD;

A couple of pictures of me with the Lolitas. :3

A group picture of everyone. ~ Marianne and Josie were hanging with us also. XD;

And some lovely group pictures of our small Lolita group. ~

We mostly took a few pictures and chatted, it was a very casual meetup. :3 I enjoyed spending time with them anyway. ^w^

When the meetup was starting to end, I went to the dealer's room for the last time. ;o;

The Prince also got his last bubble tea, so sad. ~w~

The Nadeshicon Idol was pretty much the last activity of the day, I was waiting for it since Coco was going to perform a song at the end as the winner of last year! :3 (The winner form the previous year cannot enter the competition for the year after!)

Coco have such a lively presence on stage! ~ It's always a pleasure to see her sing! ^w^

Millie was also doing the back vocals for her song also! ^w^

There was 4 participants this year, and the one that won was the girl in the Sakura cosplay! ~ Everyone sang so beautifully with all their heart, it was very awesome to see! :3

After the Nadeshicon Idol, it was time to get back home. ;w; I said goodbye to everyone and I was a little bit sad... I hope I can see them all again next year... or sooner, maybe? :3

The Nadeshicon this year was probably the most awesome convention I had ever! Our trip to Quebec city was so nicely planned with the Sagutayo Club and I am very thankful to them for that! ~ I had the chance to see awesome friends that have a special place in my heart, but also make new ones and see some people that I met online for the first time also. :3 I also had the chance to model for the fashion show with some awesome and stylish people and even if I was super nervous I am glad I did it! ;o; I found so many treasures in the dealer's room and the panels were very interesting and varied compared to last year! ~ I also want to mention that awesome Love Live group that made me cry tears of joy and that was the highlight of my convention. XD; Finally, I want to say a special thank to my awesome Prince for joining me in this adventure and staying by my side in the most amazing and joyful moments but also in the worst moments too and putting up with my moody self... ^w^'' I am very grateful to have a partner that can share my love for anime, manga, gaming and Japanese culture too. ~

I have a few posts not related to the Nadeshicon planned in the next few days, but I'll get back with my Quebec city mall haul and my Nadeshicon convention haul soon, probably at the end of next week! :3

Until next time my sweet strawberry sorbets scoops! ~

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