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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Winter Favourites! ~

Hello my sweet and warm kittens. :3

I figured out that it was kind of the time for my winter favourites since I feel like the colder season is coming to an end and it finally got a bit warmer these days. ~ Even if there will probably still be snow for the next couple of weeks where I live, the month of April is filled with springtime activities for me so I decided that I might as well do my winter favourites now. ^w^

There is a few clothing, accessories and beauty stuff but most of it is lifestyle stuff this time! :3

My red Anna House jumperskirt

After the little colour bleeding mishap with this jumperskirt, I learned to appreciate it even more! I knew that I would enjoy this jumperskirt a lot for the Holidays but I really liked to wear it for Valentine's day too! ^w^ I've also really enjoyed how creative I can be with this jumperskirt, I can coordinate it with a lot of different colours. ~

My red blouse from Oo Jia

I learned that I really enjoy wearing darker and richer colours during the wintertime, so my red blouse have been my blouse of choice for a lot of my outfits during the winter months. I've also enjoyed how creative I can be with my outfits since Claudia made me some matching detachable red bows so I can coordinate this blouse perfectly with any skirt now. :3

Yarn accessories

During the colder months, I really like to wear some fluffy yarn accessories! ^w^ I think it gives a cute and fuzzy feeling to my outfits that really goes well with the season. ~

Bath and Body Works Body Cream

I've been really enjoying these body creams from Bath and Body Works that I got during the beginning of the year! My skin is quite dry so I need to moisturize it very well, especially during winter. With these awesome creams, my skin have never been more hydrated! I didn't had any dry skin problems this year and it was a first for me since I have been dealing with dry skin, especially on my legs, for at least 10 years. ;3; I really recommend trying these out if you have very dry skin like me! :3

Lush Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars & Baths in General

This season, I've decided to actually make some place for self-care in my weekly routine. I've been enjoying various Lush bath bombs and bubble bars over the colder months even more this year. ~ It have become my little self-care routine every Sunday night to soak in a warm bath with a lovely smelling bath bomb and some cute or classical music. :3 It's something I used to do a lot in the past years when I was still in school but life got in the way and I putted it aside... Now I made the decision to actually schedule my little weekly self-care and I couldn't be happier! ^w^ 


During the winter time, my marshmallow consumption goes up by at least 800%! XD; I've been enjoying making some homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows in it a lot, especially during the Holidays! ^w^ I've also discovered an awesome flavour combo; Try putting those colourful rainbow fruity flavoured marshmallow in your Earl Grey tea, you'll thank me later. OwO/ It's just so good! *v* The fruity taste of the marshmallow pair so well with the citrus taste of Earl Grey tea!


During the last months I've been really getting back into watching lots of anime daily! ~ I finished a lot of series this winter and I really want to mention all of them, but my favourites were Imouto Umaru-chan and Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Hen. :3 I started watching Imouto Umaru-chan with the anime club this winter and I fell in love with this anime! *v* It will probably be in my Top 10 favourite animes ever! (I still need to watch the second season, don't spoil me yet! XD) As for Cardcaptor Sakura, it IS my #1 anime and I totally freaked out when they announced that they were doing another season! I actually waited until I was ready emotionally to binge watch the beginning of the series a couple weeks ago and I am LOVING it! ~

Pokemon Ultra Moon

My very generous Prince kindly gifted me Pokémon Ultra Moon as a Holiday present and I've been playing it a lot since then. ^w^ I really enjoy the different story so far and the different new features in the game so far and I can't wait to complete the game soon! ~


I've been kind of rediscovering Splatoon lately! I've been playing it a lot more these past weeks and I've been experimenting with weapons I don't usually go to normally which is something that makes the game much more interesting to me now. XD; Lately I've been trying to get better with snipers and blasters which isn't easy but soon I'll be a master with all weapons, I swear! ^w^

That's pretty much what I have been enjoying the most during the colder months. ~ I am really looking forward to springtime! ^w^ I have a lot of things planned for this spring so I am super excited as we turn the page and welcome the new season! :3

Until next time my cosy fuzzy blankets. ~

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