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Friday, August 25, 2017

Summer Favourites! ~

Hello my cuddly kittens! :3

Today I wanted to share some summer favourites with you! This summer is coming to an end (at least where I live it's been quite cold lately) and I wanted to make a blog post about some things I really enjoyed this summer. ^w^

There will be some clothes, accessories, makeup, video games, food and general lifestyle stuff! I tried to make is as varied as possible! ~

My new blue blouse from Oo Jia

I love that blouse to bits, it's simply perfect! ~ I've received it during the end of spring, and I've worn it almost every week since then. XD; I goes so great with so many of my prints, it's comfortable and the quality is amazing. :3

My Lovely Forest jumperskirt from Dream of Lolita

I think that every summer I fall back in love with that jumperskirt. ^w^'' I first got it because I wanted to wear some kind of Sweet-classic Lolita, but I found out that it's one of my jumperskirt that matches the Country Lolita aesthetics the best! Maybe it's the brown/cream details on the print? I've been wearing it a lot this summer as it's a very comfortable, simple and versatile piece in my closet. ~

My white and pink heart necklace from Holley Tea Time

I forgot about this necklace for a while at the beginning of the year, but I rediscovered it this summer and I've worn it quite a lot with my outfits. I love that it's a simple necklace, but it have that sparkly iridescent glitters in it that makes it special. I love it a lot! :3

My flawless skin concealer from Yves Rocher

It was probably the first season that I used this concealer to it's true potential! I've always been using either just BB cream for daily makeup or concealer and BB cream for special occasions. But this summer I got tired of my face being all shiny and sweaty because of the BB cream I would apply everyday, so I started using only this concealer around my eyes to cover my enormous dark circles. ^w^'' At first I thought it would look weird with my pale skin without any BB cream, but it blended to my skintone very well and since this concealer is a lot less moisturizing than BB cream, my face wasn't shiny anymore, yay! ^w^

Animal Crossing New Leaf

I restarted to play Animal Crossing almost everyday this summer! :3 I missed that game a lot so it was nice to start playing regularly again. ~ Also, I finally got the badge for playing over 500 hours! I've been playing this game for almost 4 years so I was super happy to finally receive it! XD;

The Chobits Manga

My very kind friend Jen let me borrow her Chobits mangas so I could read it! It have been my bedtime reading this month! I've really liked the anime that I watched a couple years ago, but I feel like the manga is a little bit better. ~ I haven't finished reading it yet, but I really enjoy reading a couple of chapters of this manga before bed in the evening to help me relax. :3


I've always liked Pusheen a lot, but this summer I really fell back in love with her! :3 I've joined a facebook group to talk about Pusheen plushies and it have brightened my summer so much! I can't wait to expand my Pusheen merch collection! *v*

Bullet Journaling

Some of you may know about this, but I haven't really talked about it publicly anywhere. XD; I started bullet journaling this summer! I'm really loving the system and it always gets me motivated to accomplish things everyday. :3 It's also useful to keep track of my dailies, help me practice gratitude and self-care. <3 I really love it and I hope I can get proper bullet journal supplies in the future! :3

Local Strawberries

Probably one of my favourite reasons to enjoy summer here! XD; The strawberries from the Orléans island are the most delicious, sweet and flavorful strawberries ever! <3 I've been enjoying a huge bowl of fresh local strawberries with almost every breakfast this summer. ^w^''

Tim Hortons Pink Lemonade

One of my favourites drinks this summer! I've been getting a large pink lemonade as a weekend treat almost every weekend this summer. :3

My Friends

The last but not the least! I've been really thankful this summer to be surrounded by such wonderful people. :3 With my friend Valentin who came to visit from France, my friend Sophie and my friend Francis birthdays, the SagGeek and the awesome Lolita & Ouji meeting, I've been totally blessed to have such loving, supportive and generally awesome people in my life! <3 Thanks to all my friends, close or far away for being a part of my little world! ~

I really enjoyed to write this type of blog post, it helped me to reflect on all the nice things this summer brought to me! It's nice sometimes to review the past a little just so you can appreciate the future more! ^w^

Until next time my sweet strawberry cupcakes! :3

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