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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DIY Japanse Candies!

Hello my fluffy kittens! ~

A while ago, I received a couple of Tokyo Treat boxes which included DIY candies. I also bought some DIY candies at Nadeshicon earlier this year. I wanted to save all of them to make a huge blog post only with DIY candies making process pictures and review! Last week, I finally got the time to make them with the Prince! :3 So, today I've got 4 DIY Japanese candies to show you! ~

Let's start with the first one!

~ Strawberry Mousse DIY ~

I received this DIY with my February Tokyo Treat box! They usually include the instructions in english for their DIY in the little booklet you receive in the box. ~

I had to mix some pink strawberry powder with milk, microwave it and put it in the little container that was included. After that, you had to put the mix in the fridge for 3 hours.

After 3 hours in the fridge, the mousse was set! You had to put the little stencil on it and sprinkle some cocoa powder on it the make the design. ~

This one was probably the most yummy one of the bunch! The cocoa powder and the strawberry mousse mixed together to create a very flavourful and unique taste. :3 It was super easy to do, but we didn't actually get to "make" something, just mixing some powders and using a stencil to make the design wasn't that exciting for us. ^w^''

~ Waku Waku Animal Soft Candy ~

I also received this DIY with a Tokyo Treat box, the March one!

You had to put some chewy candy into mold to create soft candy lollipops. ~

The mold was the cat and dog one. We had enough candy to make 4 little lollipops.

This one was super fun to make! It wasn't too complicated to do either so I liked it a lot! The texture of the soft candy was weird but good. ^w^'' They tasted pretty nice; the pink one was strawberry flavoured and the yellow one was lemon flavoured. ~

~ Octopus Ramune Candy ~

I got this one at Nadeshicon for a couple of dollars. ~ The instructions were written on the back of it with pictures, but it wasn't that clear so we had to search instructions and making videos to help us making it. ^w^''

We had to mix a translucent powder on one side.

Then a blue powder on the other side.

Then we had to take the blue jelly with the octopus and make little drops into the translucent powder to make eggs. XD;

After that we poured another packet into the remaining blue jelly to make a fluffy mix. O_O

 Then we had to add a rainbow candy sprinkle mix and scoop out the blue eggs to add them to that mix too. XD;

Which left us with the lovely jelly mix to eat. XD;

This one looked quite simple at first but it was a little bit more complicated to make, at least we found the instructions online because we couldn't figure it out just by looking at the images of the instructions on the package. ^w^'' The taste was... special. XD; It wasn't super good, but it wasn't bad either since it was sweet... But it tasted very chemical. ^w^''

~ Candy Ramen DIY ~

I also got this one at Nadeshicon for 5$! By looking at the instructions on the package, we could feel that this one would be super complicated to make. XD; We also had to find instructions to make it online just to make sure we were doing the right thing. ^w^''


First, we had to spread the white candy to make some dumpling sheets. We had to fill them with sprinkle candy and fold them into little dumplings. ~

After that we made the ramen bouillon with the brown packet, it smelled very strongly of cola. XD;

After that we had to make a yellow paste, make a hole into the bag, put the yellow candy paste in it and squeeze it into the ramen bouillon, which made the ramen noodles. ~

We also had to use the white candy to make a little egg and a narutomaki with the mold provided. We could decorate it with the remaining yellow noodle candy. XD;

We finished our ramen by sprinkling the remaining dumpling filling over it. ~

This ramen DIY was overly fun to make for the price! It took us the longest time, but it was worth it. XD; We thought it would be much more complicated to make than it ended up being. ~ The dumpling sheets and sprinkle filling were very tasty and tasted a little bit like cola, but not too sweet and the texture was nice. However the ramen bouillon and noodles were weird... XD; The noodles were kinda bland and had a weird chewy texture, like a real ramen but sweet and very cold... It wasn't that good at all. ^w^'' Mixed with the cola flavoured bouillon it had a very weird taste. XD;

I really enjoyed making these DIY candies with the Prince. ^w^ It was a little time consuming for such little candy but at least we had fun and we made them ourselves! XD; I can't wait to get some other ones to try out! ~

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