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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My-Lolita-Dress Clothes Review!

Hello my sweet little buns! ~

Last Friday, I received a package from My-Lolita-Dress which is a Taobao shop reseller and one of my favourite places to shop at lately! I got four items: A skirt, a short sleeved blouse, a jumperskirt and a bag! ~

Making & Shipping Time

I ordered my clothes into two different orders that I asked to combine for shipping. I placed my first order at the very end of December, and the other at the beginning of January. According to the making time of my pieces on their website, I should have received them in May at the latest... I ended up receiving them during the first week of August, which is nearly 3 months more than the making time stated on their website (which is already quite long to be honest).

However, the shipping was lighting fast! It got shipped from China to my house in a week. Sadly, I had to pay customs fees at the door, which kinda disappointed me as I never paid customs fees for my packages except when I shop from My-Lolita-Dress... ^^''

Now, let's review each item one by one! ^w^

Dream of Lolita Kitten Embroidery Skirt in White

I got this skirt because I wanted another simple skirt in white for casual days for so long. ~

Quality & Price

I got this skirt for 49 USD which is around 62 CAD. For such a low price for a custom sized skirt, I am very impressed! The embroidery is very well made and lovely, I couldn't find any flaws or loose thread through the embroidery. The skirt is made with a nice quality light cotton which gives it a lovely summery feel! Dream of Lolita is often considered a hit of miss in terms of quality, but this piece is one of the best quality skirts I own hand down!


The skirt fits quite nicely at the waist with room to spare, which is something I really like! I thought that the skirt would be a little short at first, but it's just the right length for me and it flatters my body shape very well. :3

Pink Short Sleeved Blouse

I wanted to get another short sleeved pink blouse since I only got one is my closet so I wanted another one to add variety. ^w^

Quality & Price

I got this blouse for 45 USD or 57 CAD which is a very low price for a blouse. The quality of the materials are very nice for the price. The lace and the buttons are really lovely and the light chiffon they used is super soft and looks very elegant. ~ It is a little more dark than shown in the pictures online but I don't mind since I have darker pink items in my closet too so it's not a problem for me.


This is where I have a problem with this blouse. XD; I get my items custom made because I am plus-sized, and I also have weird proportions so I give the tailors as much informations as I could possibly think of. However, this blouse does fit me, but it sits a little weird. I feel like they forgot to leave room for my bust in the front, and it doesn't flatter my body at all. When I wear it, the front bottom of the blouse rises awkwardly, which makes it seem much shorter in the front than in the back... I am glad I didn't pay that much for it, otherwise I would have been very angry. XD; Since it fits a little wonky, I'll have to wear it only with jumperskirts. ^w^''

Neverland Lolita Candyland Jumperskirt in Pink

When I first saw this jumperskirt, I fell in love instantly! It's probably one of my first offbrand dream prints that I could get my hands on! ~

Quality & Price

I paid 112 USD or 142 CAD for the jumperskirt and the matching headbow (I forgot to take a picture of it, sorry ^w^''). It also came with a detachable sailor collar too which I don't plan to wear so I didn't include it. XD; It is a reasonable price for an original print and design of this quality. The chiffon is light and airy, the lace is an original one too and it's stunning, the print is beautiful, crisp and I couldn't find any flaws on the dress!


The jumperskirt fits very comfortably with room to spare! I was afraid the waist would fit awkwardly since they do a lot of high waisted designs but they followed my instructions perfectly! The skirt is super full and it flatters my body a lot!

Loris Rainbow Bag

I've been having my eyes on that bag for so long. ^w^

Quality & Price

I got this bag for 34 USD or 43 CAD which is the average price for a Lolita bag. As usual, Loris bags are an amazing quality, they use a very sturdy fake leather for their bags and they are always very well made and very well sewn!


I decided to include a "fit" category even if it's a bag, because most of the time I get crossbody bags because they are more convenient to wear. However, it's the first time that a crossbody bag from Loris fits so "high" on me. The strap is usually made at least 20cm longer (at least when compared to my other Loris bags) and this time it's very short on me, which makes the bag fits a little higher. It doesn't bother me that much, but I will be less likely to wear it super often because of that, sadly. ^w^''


I am quite satisfied of my order even if I had to wait a longer time, at least I wasn't in a hurry for my items! For some items I was very surprised by the quality for the price and others not so much, but even if some items doesn't fit perfectly it won't stop me from wearing them or making them work with my outfits. ^w^

As for worn pictures of my new clothes, stay tuned for my daily outfits post at the end of the week, they will include all the items pictured there in a coordinate! ~

Until next time my cute little starry puppies! :3

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