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Friday, June 1, 2018

Little Weekend in my Hometown! ~

Hello my pretty peonies blossoms! ~

Last weekend, I went on a little trip to my hometown for a short little vacation with the Prince. :3

I don't usually take much pictures or blog about it when I go to my hometown but this time I tried my best to take outfit pictures and also lots of pictures of the activities we did! ^w^ Also, this post will be a little less structured and be a little more like my old blogging style, hope you guys will like it anyway! ~

We left for my hometown on Thursday morning last weekend! ~ Here was a picture of my outfit for our day of (mostly) traveling. :3

~ Outfit from May 24th! ~

Hat; Taobao
Blouse; Dear Celine
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Shoes; An*Tai*Na
Bag; Taobao
Accessories; Holley Tea Time & Paradise Rose

I decided to wear my Milky Berry jumperskirt on that day since I haven't worn it in quite a while! ^w^ I coordinated it with white and strawberries accessories. ~ I also added my straw hat and bag for a Country Lolita touch which I think matched nicely with the print. :3

Our first stop was of course... Timmies! XD; I kind of needed my overly sugary iced coffee drink before taking up the road!

I asked the Prince to take a selfie with his drink as I forgot to take one earlier. XD;

We drove for a couple of hours before stopping for lunch in the middle of the afternoon! I was heavily feeling some picnic vibes so we drove to a nice roadside rest area that I knew had picnic tables and a very nice view! :3

We had Timmies again for lunch. XD; (This trip was very Timmies-heavy, I tell you. XD)

I asked the Prince to snap a couple of pictures of me in front of the nice bay view. ~

I really love those pictures. ~ The Prince photography skills are getting better and better! ^w^

While we were there I also snapped a picture of the Prince and we took a couple of selfies too. :3

After our little picnic lunch date, we drove again for about an hour to get to my dad's place. ~

I took the time to rest and chat with my dad a bit when we arrived there and we went to pick up dinner later in the evening. ^w^

Since it's kind of a tradition whenever I go to my hometown during the summertime, we went to grab a poutine at the Cantine chez Armande! Their poutine is the best poutine in the whole world!! ^v^

On Friday morning I had an appointment for my car, which was part of the reason I went to my hometown in the first place. XD

Here was my outfit for the day! ~ (I apologize in advance for the weird lighting and quality of my outfit pictures, it was hard to get nice pictures since I am not used to this setting at my dad's place, sorry. ;w;)

~ Outfit from May 25th! ~

Headbow; Oo Jia
Blouse; Oo Jia
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Shoes; An*Tai*Na
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Cute Can Kill, Kawaii Goods & Chocomint

I decided to wear a very cute and colourful outfit with my pink Sugary Carnival on that day! ^w^ I coordinated it with a lilac blouse and socks. I added accessories themed around ice cream, stars and rainbows to complete the outfit and the theme of the print nicely. :3

After the appointment for my car, we picked up my new friend Anne for a day of adventures! XD;

We went at the Manoir du Café for lunch and we met my friend Keven. ^w^

I had a vegetable potage with a Poke Bowl! It was my first time trying a Poke Bowl and I really liked it! *o* I can't wait to go to my hometown again to grab another one. XD;

We chatted for a while and after that we went to a little plant shop. ~ It was such a lovely place! :3 After that we went thrifting to find some nice treasures! ^w^

I snapped a cute little selfie with my new friend in the toys section, our favourite one. XD;

We went to two different charity and thrift shops and I got a few nice plushies while we were thrifting! I got mostly Hello Kitty ones but I also found a pretty Funshine bear and a Charmander backpack which is from the 90's. XD;

I had such a nice day meeting with Keven and my new friend Anne! :3 Eating yummy food and thrifting is nice, but it's always nicer to do it with people that you appreciate a lot! ~

On Saturday I went for a bit of shopping at the mall. :3 Here was my outfit for the day! ^w^

~ Outfit from May 26th! ~

Headbow; Oo Jia
Dress; Oo Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Shoes; An*Tai*Na
Bag; Loris
Wristcuffs; Chiichick
Accessories; Holley Tea Time

I haven't worn my Sailor Lolita dress in soooo long! ;o; I decided to wear it in quite a simple coordinate in white and pink. :3

So on Saturday in the morning I went at the mall for some little shopping. ~ I got a few teas from David's Tea and a bath bomb too!

After that I went to see both of my grandmothers and my grandfather for a bit. ^w^ I spent almost all day hanging out with my family and chatting. :3 It was nice to see them outside of family gatherings and to have a bit of time to catch up on things. ~

During the evening, I met up with my new friend Anne again and we went at the funfair! ^o^/

This time I didn't forget to take an outfit shot with her haha! ^w^ In front of the carousel. ~

And a little group selfie with the Prince, yay! :3

We strolled around to see if there was any plushies we wanted to have, and I saw some cute Hello Kitty plushies at a stand that looked pretty easy to get, so I asked the Prince to win one for me! ^w^

Look at his amazing skills! ~ (Actually it was pretty easy. XD)

Yay! He got it! :3 It's so cute and it even have a succion cup, I really want to place it in my car. XD Actually, that made me think that I would really like to add a few other cute plushies in my car too! ^w^ I have so many that are hidden away. ;o;

We also got some YUMMY small donuts too! At first they looked like they wouldn't taste good, but they are probably the best donuts I had in my life. XD; I put a budget aside for them for when the funfair will be in town in Saguenay next week! ^3^

I also got some Cotton Candy to bring back home too! ^w^ Yay! ~ We took a little picture in front of the food stand before going away. ;o; (At least I can go back to the funfair next week, haha! XD)

The Prince, Anne and me went for a late night snack at A&W to finish up the night. ~ We chatted so much and we have so many things in common! I really feel like I've known her forever. XD; I feel like I can be a proud big sister for her! ;o; It can be hard to wear alternative fashion, especially in a small town like my hometown... I'm glad I could give her a bit of courage to be herself and be super fabulous and never give up wearing cute clothes! ^w^ I'm so happy to have met her and I can't wait to meet her again very very soon! (I must admit I cried a little bit when I had to drop her back home. ;o;)

On Sunday we had one more activity that we wanted to do before going back to our little castle...

Here was my outfit for the day!

~ Outfit from May 27th! ~

Hat; Taobao
Blouse; Dear Celine
Skirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Anna House
Shoes; An*Tai*Na
Bag; Taobao
Accessories; Offbrand

I went for a simple and comfy Country Lolita look with my pink gingham skirt coordinated with white. ~ Since I knew I was going to be driving for most of the day, I didn't wore too many accessories and I really just wanted to be comfortable. ^w^

Our last step before going away was... Going to the Pignon Glacé ice cream shop for our first soft serve ice cream of the year! ^o^/ We couldn't make it last time we went to my hometown and I really wanted to wait there to have my first ice cream of the year... XD; (Talk about such dedication! XD)

I had a pistachio and pecan ice cream dipped in salted caramel chocolate and the Prince had a pistachio, pecan and blue raspberry ice cream dipped in cookies and cream chocolate! Mine was so yummy, but I think the Prince's one tasted a little bit weird... XD;

After our ice cream, we went back slowly to our little castle in Saguenay. ~

I haven't had such a nice and awesome weekend in my hometown since a very long time. ~ I am very glad that I met with my friend Keven this time since we didn't saw each other for a while! But I was even more glad to have made a new friend in my hometown that love Harajuku fashion! It was so nice to spend time with her and I will be eternally grateful for this new precious friendship. :3

Until next time my sparkly rainbow gummies! ~

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