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Friday, June 8, 2018

Saguenay's Lolitas Meeting! ~ Summer Loliday 2018!

Hello my sweet little blueberry parfaits! ~

Last weekend, our local Lolita community had our summer Loliday meetup! :3 Since the weather was so nice outside, we went for a nice little picnic, we visited a local museum and we went to eat out at L'Gros Luxe! ^w^

Here was my outfit for the occasion. ~

~ Outfit from June 2nd! ~

Hat; Taobao
Blouse; Kidsyoyo
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Secret Shop
Shoes; An*Tai*Na
Bag; Taobao
Accessories; Paradise Rose, Offbrand & Handmade

Of course I had to wear Country Lolita because we would go to a picnic! ~ I went for a muuuch more simpler outfit than originally planned. ^w^'' I figured out at the last minute that I wanted to be comfy after all. XD; So I wore my Sheep Garden jumperskirt with a light pink blouse, pink and white socks and simple accessories. ~

The Prince dressed up with me again too! ^w^

I love how handsome he looks in his burgundy shirt. ~

We met up with Érika at the Old Port for our little picnic. :3 We chose a spot that was kind of hidden from the wind and the sun, just under the shadows of the trees! It was the perfect spot! ^w^

All of us were super hungry so we threw our picnic blankets on the ground and we dug into our feast right away! ~

The Prince and I made some onigiri for the picnic! ~ Their flavour was tuna mayo curry and maple smoked salmon. :3 They were super good!

Érika also made some lovely rolled-up veggie sandwiches with cream cheese! ~ Yummy! ^w^

For the dessert, I tried to make fruit sandwiches! I think they turned out pretty well! :3 They were even better the day after! ~

Érika brought some delicious macarons. ~ (Which were Slytherin macarons because she basically got them for free, oops. XD;)

They were extra yummy! ^w^ We had fun discovering all the flavours. ~

After our delicious meal, we had a little improvised photoshoot with the cute pink trees in bloom! ^w^ Thanks to Érika for bringing her camera and taking the pictures! :3

I apologize in advance for my petticoat showing in almost all the pictures... XD #MostEmbarassingBehaviour

The Prince look so elegant! (And look at that flare!)

Of course we had to take cute couple pictures! ~

The Prince also took some of Érika and me too! ^w^

And now... Time for the silly/bad pictures! XD;

The Prince and I repping the Judas meme. XD;

These were too funny not to post. XD; (And shows that I am far from perfect usually, oops. ^w^'')

After the photoshoot, we went to visit the Petite Maison Blanche museum. ~ It's  a museum based around a single little white house that survived a huge flood over 20 years ago! It's kind of a monument here in Saguenay but none of us visited the actual museum!

It's located in such a nice area too! We saw a couple pictures of how the place looked before the flood with all the other houses around it. ~

We goofed around a bit before entering the actual museum... XD; (The Prince actually went for a stroll to find frogs in the pond right after this picture and we had to wait for him... XD;)

It was so nice to learn the story of that little house before the flood! I knew about the tragedy from when I was young, but I never knew the story behind it since I was so young...

They even made some robots to look like the people who were living in the house back in the days too! (Don't worry, they were evacuated before the flood though!)

After the museum visit we went to the Gros Luxe restaurant which is a fancy kind of comfort food restaurant with a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. ~

Catherine was supposed to arrive a bit later so we had drinks and chatted a bit while waiting for her. ^w^

I had kind of a strawberry lemonade and the Prince had a stout beer. ~

For our entrée, I had veggie tacos with kind of "pulled mushrooms" in a sweet sauce with feta cheese, coleslaw and crispy ginger and garlic. ~ It was very yummy and the flavours blended very well together. :3

For the main course I had a deluxe veggie burger with mushrooms, red peppers, goat cheese, and a homemade BBQ sauce with a poutine on the side. ~ I liked the veggie patty and the sauce in my burger a lot but the poutine wasn't that impressive... ^w^''

For the dessert I had fried battered chocolate chips cookie dough balls with vanilla ice cream... Which was as decadent as it sounds. XD; It was something I've never tried before so I was excited to try it too! ^w^ There was a dash of cinnamon in that cookie dough that made it so yummy but it wasn't overpowering. ~ I wish I could eat it again now... XD;

After our yummy meal we went outside the restaurant to take outfit and group photos together. ~

Catherine wore her cute blue sailor dress. ~ I really loved how she styled her hair! It suits her so well! ^w^

Érika wore her new gingham dress by Neverland Lolita! ~ I really liked how she paired it with that chiffon blouse for that airy summery feel! :3

Hey, it's me! XD; But you already saw my outfit earlier. ^w^''

Our little group picture! ~ We all looked so elegant together. :3

I am very glad I had the chance to spend this summer Loliday with the Prince and these lovely ladies from my Lolita community. ~ We had a nice fun day together and it's always so nice to see eachother, talk about fashion and other fun things and just spend time together. :3 I will be eternally grateful to have this awesome community in my city now! ^w^

Until next time my perfectly sweetened peach iced teas! :3

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