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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Saguenay's Lolitas Meeting! ~ Winter Loliday 2017!

Hello my sweet minty marshmallows! :3

I am super excited to write on my blog today since last Saturday was this winter's International Lolita Day! ^w^

As some of you may know, the Lolita communities worldwide have their bi-annual Loliday celebration which is the first Saturday of June and the first Saturday of December which is a day we set aside for more official meetups, tea parties or just dressing up in our frills and enjoy the fashion! ~

This Loliday was my first one I've got to celebrate with an actual local Lolita community! ^w^ I was feeling particularly excited and glad I've got the chance to share this special day with my Lolita friends! :3

For this meetup, we had brunch at Ben & Florentine, went shopping for our Christmas gifts and had our dinner at the Café Cambio. ~

Here was my outfit for the occasion. ^w^

~ Outfit from December 2nd! ~

Headbow; Dream of Lolita
Blouse; Dear Celine
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Kawaii Goods, Chocomint & Paradise Rose

I usually like to wear my newest dress or my most recent pieces for my Loliday coordinate, but this time I decided otherwise! I felt like my Snow Bunny dress didn't have it's own little moment of glory yet so I wanted to wear it on this special day. :3 Since I knew I was going to have my winter boots on all day and they are white, I went with a white, blue and a little pink for the colour scheme. As for the theme, I decided to work around a fluffy snow bunny theme, hence why I've worn fluffy yarn accessories. :3

The Prince also joined me in my adventures for this special day. ~ We took some pictures before leaving for the meetup. :3

I asked him to wear his blue shirt so we could kinda match! ^w^

Our first step was the brunch at Ben & Florentine. :3 Catherine and Érika joined us for the brunch! ~ The place was jam packed and we had to wait a little before we got our seats. ^w^'' But we finally got seated and everyone ordered their meal. ~

Mandatory photos with our food! XD; Everyone went for savory things except me... Sweet Lolita to the core! ^w^''

I got a waffle with some strawberries, bananas and Nutella drizzled on top along with some whipped cream of the side. ^w^ It was soooo yummy and very filling. :3

After our meal, we were all full and ready to start our shopping! But first, it was time for the outfit shots! ~

You've seen my outfit before but here was mine again! ~ I really like my outfit with my winter boots too! ^w^

Catherine's outfit. ~ I love her classical but simple look and her hat suit her coord so well. :3

Érika's outfit! She got a new dress that is simply gorgeous and suit her perfectly with the stars and moons theme. ~

While we were at it I got an outfit shot of the Prince too! ~ His little neckbow is totally an addition of mine, let's be honest. XD;

Finally, our little group shot! ~ We all looked so lovely and elegant in our own styles, it makes me super happy and proud! ^w^

We went shopping for our Christmas gifts after! ~ It was a bit awkward since the Prince and I shopped for each other gifts and we had to get separated so we could do our shopping by our own. XD; We also got some things to spoil ourselves too! ^w^

After a little while, Catherine had to leave so Érika and I mostly sat around and chatted. ~ I also saw Alexa, Francois and Marko at the mall too! XD; The Prince finally joined us back after his shopping!

We were having such a great time together that I forgot to take pictures of us shopping at the mall, so this is the only one I've got when we were at the candy store. ^w^''

After a long afternoon of shopping, laughing and generally being silly, we picked up Francis and we went at the Café Cambio for our dinner! ~

Here was Francis's outfit! I think that this shade of blue suit him so perfectly! :3

We ordered our dinner since we were all so hungry! XD;

I had a soup as en entrée as well as a veggie burger with some tea! ~ The Prince also had a veggie burger too! ^w^ Both of our burgers were super delicious! :3 (We also got some yummy banana cake for dessert but I forgot to take a picture of it, sorry. ^w^'')

A little bit later in the evening, Claudia joined us! ~

Here was Claudia's outfit! ~ Since she was at work all day she decided to wear something more casual to be comfy. :3 Her sweater was sooo cute and cosy! ^w^

We also took a group shot all together! ^w^ Sorry for my overly tired face, it was getting a bit late! XD;

Overall I had such a nice winter Loliday this year! *o* It was one of the most fantastic meetups I had too, we had so much fun together and I feel like we are growing as a community and also as friends too! :3 It was so nice to see everyone's outfits and how they improved a lot during the last few months, I felt like a proud big sister! XD;

I hope you had a great Loliday too if you celebrated it! Until next time my blueberry cupcakes! :3

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