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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

❆ Blogmas! ❆ ~ Christmas Weekend in my Hometown! :3

Hello my sweetest cups of Chai tea! ~

I'm back on my blog today for another Blogmas post! ^w^ I went to my hometown this weekend to celebrate Christmas with my family and I took a couple of pictures during our trip so I decided to share it here on my blog! :3 This post will be a little more casual, like my old blogging style, so I hope you'll enjoy it! ^w^

As I said in my last post, I have a conjunctivitis so I do look sick and I also couldn't wear makeup so I obviously don't look my best in most of the pictures, but I wanted to share them anyway. ~

I got a little outfit picture before leaving for my hometown. :3

~ Outfit from December 23th! ~

Comfy casual outfit to drive to my hometown. ~

Headbow; Momo & Jia
Blouse; Oo Jia
Skirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Sugar Raindrops, Rococo Soul & Offbrand

I really liked my outfit on that day! ~ I really love pairing lilac and blue together, I think it's a very pretty colour combo. :3

We left our little castle at the beginning of the afternoon and we went for a small lunch at Tim Hortons before taking the road! ~

I had a yummy mint & caramel mocha. <3 So festive! ^w^

The road to my hometown was... so bad! XD; It usually takes about 5 hours to drive to my hometown, but this time it took us nearly 8 hours. ^w^'' There was a huge snowstorm and the roads were horrible so I had to drive super slow. ~w~'' But at least we arrived to my dad's home safe and sound! :3

When we arrived I was super tired and I went to sleep almost immediately. ^w^'' But I had the chance to snap a couple of pictures of one of the stray cats my dad is feeding. :3

She came home eating way later then usual. ~

When I woke up the next morning, I felt so calm and peaceful. :3 My hometown is the most quiet and quaint place on earth. ^^

My dad's backyard the morning after the snowstorm. ~

I got ready and asked the Prince to snap a couple outfit pictures for me. :3

~ Outfit from December 24th! ~

My outfit for Christmas eve! ~

Headbow; Anna House
Blouse; Dear Celine
Jumperskirt; Anna House
Socks; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Holley Tea Time & Paradise Rose

I went for something festive! :3 I coordinated my red jumperskirt with white but also some little bits of pink for more creative and fun touch. ~

Alexou and I decided to meet up for brunch at the Manoir du Café. :3 (It's kind of a tradition for us now I guess. XD)

Of course the Prince came with us too! ~

I really love the food at the Manoir du Café, and it's not so expensive too! ^w^ I had a cute flower-shaped strawberry waffle which was delicious. :3

We ate and chatted a lot together. ~ I always have a nice time with my friend Alexou and I am very grateful I could spend time with her on my trip! ^w^

The Prince and I went back home after and we were kind of impatient to open our gifts! XD; So we exchanged our firsts gifts before the dinner. ~

I got the Prince a Quidditch mug and some Slytherin socks! ^w^ He was so happy, yay! ~

The Prince also gave me a gift... But I won't show what's inside yet since I plan to do another huge Blogmas post with all the gifts I received! ^w^

We went to eat dinner at my Grandparent's house together. ~

The Prince wore his wine red shirt! ~ I really love when we wear kind of matching clothes. XD;

When we came back home after the meal I was a bit impatient to open another gift and the Prince too! ^w^ So we decided to exchange another gift before going to bed. :3

I got the Prince a little Frodo Baggins pop figure! :3 He was super happy as it's his first Lord of the Ring merch item! ^w^

When we woke up the next morning... it was Christmas! ^o^/ We slipped in our ugly sweaters and opened the rest of our gifts! ~

Obligatory ugly sweater couple selfies! :3

I can only say that the Prince offered me such amazing gifts and I am super grateful! ^w^

As last gifts I offered the Prince two of his favourite PS2 games (that he was asking for since he got a PS2 for his birthday!) and I also got him some fancy Earl Grey tea from la Théière à l'Envers. ~ Earl Grey is his favourite tea blend! ^w^

We mainly relaxed a lot on Christmas day since we only had a dinner at my Grandma's place later in the day. :3 (I got the chance to take a super relaxing bath in my dad's huge bathtub! *o*)

The Prince also snapped some pictures of my outfit before going out for dinner. ~

~ Outfit from December 25th! ~

Christmas dinner outfit. :3

Headbow; Fan Plus Friend
Blouse; Oo Jia
Jumperskirt; Momo & Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Wristcuffs; Chiichick
Accessories; Paradise Rose

I went for a Snow Fairy theme in white and blue with my outfit for Christmas as I always tend to go for red usually and I wanted to change. ^w^ I went for dotted socks as a reminder of snow. ~ Also wore roses accessories and tulle wristcuffs to match the elegance of the dress. :3

The Prince wore his light blue shirt to match with me again! ^w^

After the Christmas dinner I was so exhausted and I really needed to rest since I had to drive back home the day after so I went to sleep kind of early. ~

I didn't get pictures from the day we came back home since I got dressed in my more casual clothes and we didn't do anything exciting except packing up and saying goodbye to family. ~ I had a really nice Christmas weekend, I enjoyed the gifts I received a lot and I feel very thankful and happy. :3

Until next time my fluffy polar bears! ~

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