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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

❆ Blogmas! ❆ ~ Pyjama & Gaming Party!

Hello my sweet peppermint treats! :3

Last Saturday, I hosted a Pyjamas & Gaming party at my house with my precious friends! ~

To me, the Holiday spirit is all about a cosy, soft and fun night with friends so that's why I try to host a pyjama party every Holiday season. ^w^ This year, the theme was gaming. ~ I asked for the guests to bring their video games, card games and their mugs for hot chocolate for a chill gaming night together. :3

A little group picture taken before everyone arrived! ^w^'' We ended up being a lot more people than I expected. XD;

I was in my comfy bunny Kigurumi and I added some festive red bows for the occasion. ^w^ The Prince was wearing his ugly Christmas sweater! ~

Nico brought some weird Japanese candies for us to try! XD; I picked up some chocolate chips biscuits and they were super tasty! ~

I also setted up a hot chocolate bar! :3 With some cute toppings in Mason jars, I was living my ultimate Pinterest dream! XD;

I made some hot chocolate for everyone and I played card games with my friends. :3

We mostly played the Quebec's version of Cards Against Humanity all night. XD;

My friends also played Just Dance! ^w^ I love taking picture of people while they play that game! XD;

I had such a nice time with everyone. :3 I love hosting parties where my friends can have fun and feel happy in a safe and cosy place. ~ I hope that all my friends enjoyed their night and I can't wait to see them all again next year! ^w^

Until next time my lovely chocolate chips cookies. :3

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