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Saturday, December 23, 2017

❆ Blogmas! ❆ ~ Wrapping Presents & Baking Gingerbread Cookies! ^w^

Hello my sugary sprinkle donuts! ^w^

Today I decided to share two other Holiday activities I've been doing during the last few days before Christmas! ~ I'm glad to be able to blog about it and to enjoy this Holiday season a lot more than ever! :3

I really love wrapping presents, for birthdays but especially for Holidays. :3 I find it such a therapeutic activity; Choosing the packaging, the colours, the wrapping paper, the ribbons... I like when my presents match nicely and look pretty. :3

I like to make myself believe that I am kinda good at wrapping presents. ^w^'' I like when the wrapping paper is folded all straight and neat. ~ (Maybe that's why I like using striped paper so much? XD)

These are the Prince's presents. ^w^ I've only wrapped presents for him this year. Our family holiday party is later at the end of December and I'm going to make and bake their presents later next week with the Prince so they are fresh and delicious... :3

Speaking of delicious things... I've baked some gingerbread cookies as a taste-test yesterday! ^w^

They don't look perfect, but they are soooo yummy! ~

This is a part of the small gift the Prince and I plan to give to his family this year. :3 We decided to do something a little more DIY and personal. ^w^ It's the first year I decided to trust myself enough to actually make something to give to people that isn't a joke or mandatory... XD; I feel proud of myself. ^w^

Now, I'm off to go to my hometown today! ~ I planned to take lots of pictures for my blog, but I don't know how much I'll keep up to that since I have a conjunctivitis and I basically look like Gollum right now. ^w^'' (And I also cannot wear makeup, boo! TwT) I'll try my best to take pictures at least a little bit anyway. ;o;

Until next time my sweet fruity rainbow marshmallows! ~ I wish you all a Merry Christmas! :3

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