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Friday, November 3, 2017

Best Places to Wear Lolita!

Hello my fluffy vanilla cupcakes! ~

Today I wanted to get back to my blogging habits by picking up another subject randomly from the Lolita Challenge blogging list! :3 The subject that was picked up today was...

Best Places to Wear Lolita!

As you guys probably know by now I consider myself a daily Lolita, which means that I wear Lolita fashion pretty much everyday. I think that my answer to this question might be a little bit tinted by this fact, so please take this into consideration. ^w^'' I like to make my articles super personal and to talk about my own experiences while wearing the fashion. It's important to me to be genuine with the information I share and I won't write something if I don't feel like I believe in or that it's absolutely true for me. ~

That being said, I truly think the best place to wear Lolita fashion is to school and/or work! ~ Firstly, as someone that didn't had a lot of self-confidence in my teenage years, Lolita fashion really helped me going through my first months of college on the daily. It helped me to have the courage of getting up every morning and looking forward choosing my outfits. Also, wearing the fashion daily helps out a lot when you want to try new coordinates or colour combos as you can try them on for a day and see if the outfit or colours works nicely together. ~ And if it didn't work out? Well, you only had it on for a single day out to your classes or at work and not to an event you would get your picture taken and it would follow you for years. XD; Another point that makes it very positive to wear Lolita fashion to school or work is that most of the time, at least for me, you will always see the same people while walking around. Your teachers and classmates will most likely be the same for a while and your managers and co-workers at work will mostly stay the same. That means that once you got the usual stares and/or questions and/or compliments on your fashion, people will most likely leave you alone and never comment or ask about your style again because they know about it. This is probably the point that makes it so easy to wear Lolita everyday for me, because the people I usually see on a day to day basis get used to it and I can wear mostly whatever I want without dealing with the comments/stares from strangers in places I don't usually go that often. ^w^''

The second best places to wear Lolita fashion would be alternative fashion boutiques, artistic/alternative cafés, tea houses and restaurants, art galleries, museums, theatre, some music concerts/performances (the more quiet/classical ones) and pretty much anything related to arts. I think that these are the most safe and enjoyable places to wear Lolita because these are places where they assume people will be dressed slightly differently from the norm or have quirky fashion styles. It may not be as "hassle free" to wear compared to school and/or work since you may get some comments and questions but most of the time it's done in a positive manner and people will be truly interested, respectful and mostly nice. ~

Hope you enjoyed my little insight on the subject and until next time my pretty puurfect little kittens! :3

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