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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Saguenay's Lolita Meeting! ~ November 2017!

Hello my cute chocolate chips cookies! ^w^

Last Saturday I hosted another monthly meetup for the Lolitas (or aspiring Lolitas!) from my city! :3 There couldn't be a lot of us this time so I decided to host only a casual meetup during the evening. We went at the café Klimt! ~

Here was my outfit for the event. ^w^

~ Outfit from November 25th! ~

Headdress; Angelic Pretty
Dress; Anna House
Socks; Anna House
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Sugar Raindrops, Paradise Rose & Offbrand

Since most of the Lolitas from this meetup were new Lolitas, that inspired me to wear my very first Lolita dress. ^w^ I paired it with a traditional headdress, white socks and white pearl accessories for a very old-school look. :3

Since I like to get someone to take pictures for us during Lolita meetings I decided to bring the Prince along with me. ^w^

We got some pictures together before we left for the café! ~

I haven't visited the café Klimt in so long! Last time I went was 4 or 5 years ago so I didn't remember much things about the place other than they had yummy drinks and that you can play boards games also. :3 It's a very alternative place and I thought it would be Lolita-friendly for our little meetup. ~

After everyone arrived, we got some outfit pictures. ~ We welcomed two new Lolitas to our community! ^w^

*Please, keep in mind that most of the Lolitas from our community are beginner Lolitas and they don't have any proper Lolita clothes yet. As I want our community to be very welcoming and friendly, I usually ask for the aspiring Lolitas to make the best outfit they can with clothes they already have until they can get a proper Lolita outfit. I believe we are all there together to grow our fashion community and to give eachother advice. :3

Here was Karo's outfit! You can't really see them properly but she had some very cute peachy pink flower earrings that matched so well with her dress. ~

Here was Renée outfit! I really love the Classic Lolita mixed with Mori vibes from her outfit. :3 I think her blouse suit the style perfectly. ~

Here was Jenn outfit! She went for punk/gothic vibes. ~ Her black cardigan reminded me of some old-school h.naoto cardigans you can see in the GLBs back when punk Lolita was popular! ^w^

And finally, me! XD With my glorious peeking petticoat. ^w^'' I really liked how my outfit matched pretty well with my winter boots. ~

Finally, the group pictures! I love how our styles all clashes so much but we kinda match together in a cute alternative way. XD;

After our little outfits and group shots, we ordered our drinks. :3 I did remember that the drinks from the café Klimt were yummy, but I didn't remember they were this epic. XD;

We all got pictures with our epic sugary drinks! ^w^ (I totally kept the last one because Renée was laughing in the back! XD; I can't remember why though? ^w^'')

I got a gingerbread moka! It was super yummy and the freshly made chocolate chip cookies were so delicious! *o*

We finished our epic drinks while chatting (and lowkey tarot reading). ~ After that we played some card games. ^w^

I had such an awesome time at the café Klimt with the new frillies! :3 I really enjoy hosting meetups and giving fashion advice to newer Lolitas, I hope that our meetups and community will grow even more and we can all bloom into beautiful flowers! ~

I am also hosting another Lolita meetup next Saturday! But this time it's a more special occasion: It's International Lolita day! ^w^ I can't wait to spend time with the frillies again! :3

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