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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tokyo Treat Box Review! ~ November 2017!

Hello my sweet cinnamon muffins! ~

I've got my Tokyo Treat November box super early this month! (I actually received it at the end of October!) Their shipping is getting faster and faster with time! ^w^ So as usual I decided to do a little review of it on my blog. ~ The Prince decided to join me again to taste and review these delicious Japanese snacks! :3

The theme for the November box was "Traditional Japanese Snacks" I think. It was one of my favourite boxes from Tokyo Treat since I've subscribed to them! ^w^

These were all the content of the premium box this month! (Minus the Milk Tea because I forgot it was in the fridge before taking the picture, oops! XD)

The small non-candy gift that we received this month was this lovely Gudetama magnet! I really love it and it decorates our fridge proudly now. :3

Now, onto the snacks review! :3 We usually put everything back and the box and then pick up snacks randomly so we get the surprise! XD;

Squid Crackers

It smelled very strongly of squid/seafood. I was expecting it to be more of a fluffy texture but it was very crunchy. The taste is very strong but it doesn’t taste like seafood at all. I feel like it was seasoned with a sauce or grilled flavour. The Prince think it’s seasoned with soy sauce? It was a very interesting snack with a unique flavour.

Pretz Mild Roast Flavour

First, I think the packaging was super cute and there was a little comic on the back. ^^ It smelled a lot like vinegar… which was weird. XD; It doesn’t taste like it smelled at all! It was a crunchy bretzel stick with a sweet and a little bit of a salty flavour. It tasted a bit like a sweet potato? The Prince thought it tasted like some caramelized onions in a sweet potato. XD;

Vending Machine Cola Gummies

The inside packaging looks a lot like the grape gummy candy we had in the October box! I really hoped it would not be as sticky and hard to remove from the packaging. XD; In fact… It was pretty much the same thing and it was as hard to remove… ^^’’ The texture was very light for a gummy, it kinda melt in your mouth. There was two kind of gummies in the box, orange ones and brown ones. The oranges ones didn’t taste as strong as the brown ones I think. But it was a super nice cola taste and it wasn’t super sweet! The Prince doesn’t usually like cola flavoured things but these were light enough so that he could enjoy them. ~

Choco Flakes Crips Balls - Kinako

It smelled very nutty and strong. The texture is a little bit crunchy and you can tell that it’s coated in chocolate. The flavour isn’t very strong but it taste very nutty and not very sweet even if there is chocolate in it. The taste is kind of hard to describe but it’s very tasty!

Calbee Osatsu Snack

It smelled like… Tim Hortons donuts? XD; It kind of taste like Tim Hortons donuts dough? XD; It is more sweet than salty and the texture is very light and fluffy. ~ We were super excited to try this snack and the taste isn’t disappointing at all! :3 The taste is not very strong though, the Prince was hoping for a stronger flavour at first. But even if the taste isn’t very strong, the taste is very complex and nice. ~

Pocky Double Fromage

The packaging looks super elegant and fancy! The pocky looked very big and fat! There’s a lot of chocolate coating on that. XD; The bretzel biscuit is also cocoa flavoured and the chocolate taste like white chocolate mixed with a cheesecake filling. It was super good and tasty!

Super Light Rice Crackers

Firstly, the texture is suuuuuuper light! The taste is very complex and hard to describe! It taste like very light soy sauce and pickled ginger, along with some nutty flavour of the rice grains. Each flavour balances each other very well and it’s not overpowering. It is a very tasty and kind of fancy flavoured snack.

Giant Chocolate Snack

The packaging looks super awesome, I love the rainbow colours. XD; It’s a huuuge bar coated with chocolate. The texture is super light inside and it taste a bit like corn, it’s a little bit salty. The taste is not bad, but it is a bit bland. XD The chocolate was good though. ~

Morinaga Strawberry Ramune

It is traditionnal ramune candy with a strawberry flavour. The strawberry flavour is natural and tasty and it’s not as chemical as the strawberry flavour candies I am used to here. It’s a nice candy but it’s kind of ordinary. ^^’’

Sapporo Multi-veggie Sticks

The taste is very light, it taste like a mix of roasted veggies. The texture is also light and crunchy. It’s not too salty and it taste like a vegetable potage. It doesn’t taste artificial at all and it’s very tasty! ^^

Kirin Chocolate Mint Milk Tea

It smelled very strongly of mint! The taste is very minty with a faint taste of chocolate. It remind me of the after eight mint chocolate, but it’s not very sweet, just enough. The mint taste is super fresh and it sting a little in your mouth after. It’s also kind of a fancy taste for milk tea I think. ~

Now onto the dagashis! They actually put the names for them in the little booklet this month which was super nice! ~

Umaibo Cheese

It smelled like kraft dinner I think. XD But the taste and texture was very similar to Cheetos chips but a little bit lighter and more fancy and refined. It tasted more like real cheddar cheese rather than fake processed cheese.

Cola Gummy

The texture is very hard and chewy. The taste is super strong unlike the other cola gummies we had earlier. Even if the Prince doesn't like cola flavoured candy, he enjoyed this one. :3

Twisted Marshmallow

It smelled super good, like a vanilla cupcake! It was a lot more fluffy than the marshmallows from here! It was super tasty and fluffy! It doesn’t taste as sugary as the marshmallows we’ve got here and they taste more naturally of vanilla. ^^ The Prince also doesn't like marshmallows, but he liked this one! XD;

Baked Sweet Potato Yokan

We already had yokan is the October box so we were super excited to try this one! The texture is similar to the one we had last time, which was like a very thick paste. It tasted faintly sweet with a very natural and nice sweet potato taste! We wish we had some here because we are slowly getting addicted to yokan. XD;

Yakisoba Sauce Snack

It looked like some broken ramen noodles along with some puffy rice. The seasoning tasted very strongly of yakisoba sauce, which taste a little bit like worcestershire sauce. It was a very powerful taste, strong and a bit spicy. A very interesting snack. ^^

Now onto the DIY candy! ^w^

DIY Pokemon Sun and Moon Soft Candy Kit

We already recevied a similar DIY before, but these ones have a Pokemon mold! They say that it was some new flavours but they tasted pretty much the same as the ones we had before… It was super fun to make though. XD;

The Prince and I decided to add our Top 3 favourite snacks from the box to our little review! We usually have very similar tastes but we thought it would be interesting. :3

Tomoyo’s Top 3!
~ Super Light Rice Crackers
~ Baked Sweet Potato Yokan
~ Pocky Double Fromage

Prince’s Top 3!
~ Pocky Double Fromage
~ Super Light Rice Crackers
~ Baked Sweet Potato Yokan

That was our little review of the November Tokyo Treat Box! I don't know if I'm going to order the December box yet, but look forward to our next Tokyo Treat box review! :3 Until next time my fluffy puffy pink marshmallows! ~

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