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Friday, November 24, 2017

Fall Favourites & What I Am Grateful For... :3

Hello my crispy warm toned leaves! ~

Today I felt like writing about my fall favourites on my blog. ^w^

I started these "season favourites" series on my blog this summer and I've been really enjoying it since it helps me reflect on the past season and move on forward. ~ Also, I decided to add the things that I am grateful for since some of these weren't really favourites but things that I am thankful to have in my life. ~

There will be some clothing, accessories, beauty products, video games, food & drinks and some lifestyle stuff. :3

My Rose Melody Cutsews

I've been really enjoying to wear my cutsews a lot this season. ^w^ They are super comfy with their long sleeves for the colder weather. I also started working more hours at work so there are days where I don't always feel like dressing up super fancy and my cutsews are the perfect solution for these days. XD;

My pink trenchcoat from Oo Jia

This is the most perfectly flattering coat that I own and I am always glad to wear it again when the weather gets a bit more chilly. ~ I was really worried that it was ruined since last spring I spilled some chocolat ice cream ALL OVER it. ^w^'' Thankfully most of it washed out and I could save it. ~o~

My wristcuffs from Chiichick

I've fallen back in love with these wristcuffs with my outfits in the past season. ~ I like the fact that you can change the bows on them so you get different looks with the same pair. ^w^

My night hair treatment from Yves Rocher

This product is a blessing! *o* Since my hair is bleached and I use heat tools on them all the time, they aren't in the most perfect condition. XD; However, since I started using this treatment at night, they started to feel a little bit more silky and stronger. ~ I use it around twice a week now (whenever I know I'm going to wash my hair the next day) and it helps my hair looking beautiful and not so damaged. XD;

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latté Perfume from Bath and Body Works

This perfume is my go-to perfume during the fall season! I've been wearing it pretty much everyday this fall and I still enjoy it as much as the first day I smelled it. :3 It smells super sweet and a little bit spicy. ~


Since the Prince got me this game for my birthday I have been playing it pretty much everyday. XD; That's why I couldn't not mention it in my fall favourites! ^w^ I really enjoy this game, it's light and cute, I love playing it to help me relax and cheer me up. :3

Cardamom French Toast Tea from David's Tea

I am in LOVE with that tea. *o* I was super glad when I saw that they brought it back again this fall (I believe that they first got it out as a winter collection tea last winter). It is a black tea so it's perfect if you need that little kick in the morning. ~

Pies & Quiches

I really enjoy cooking with the products that are in season and this fall I've fallen in love with cooking pies and quiches. :3 I have made some apple pie, pumpkin pie and a lot of quiches with seasonal roasted vegetables since they are super simple to make. ^w^

I am grateful for...

My new penpals

I've started to write to some Lolita penpals again this fall. :3 I've been really missing it since it's one of the most important part of the Lolita Lifestyle to me. I just love the old-fashioned feeling of getting my beautiful stationary out, picking out some stickers, writing in pretty pen colours... All of it while listening to classical music and drinking tea. :3

My workplace

I had some kind of bad news regarding my workplace during the month of October and I was afraid I was going to lose my job (which didn't happen yet, but we don't know what will be going on for the next year)... I felt really grateful this past month for having a job which allows me to wear Lolita fashion, no matter how OTT, every single day. ~

My very supportive Prince

Regarding the events with my job, I also want to mention that this season I have been exceptionally grateful toward my Prince and my relationship. :3 My Prince have always been supportive for me, but this season was kind of hard for me regarding my self-care and life in general... I am grateful that he would always be there to cheer me up, to take care of me whenever I couldn't and to remind me that everything would be okay. ^w^

I'm always happy to write this kind of blog post, it's probably one of my favourite series on my blog. :3 Now I can say goodbye to the fall season and enjoy the winter! (It was time though, there's snow on the ground here since two week already... XD;)

Until next time my perfectly roasted marshmallows! ~

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