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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Saguenay's Lolitas Meeting! ~ September 2017!

Hello my fluffy bunnies! ~

Today I wanted to share what we did for this month's Lolita meeting in Saguenay which was last weekend. :3 It was the third time I hosted an official Lolita meeting in my city and I've been loving it a lot! ~

For this month's activities, we went to a tea house, went shopping and went to ate sushis. ^w^

Here was my outfit for the meetup! :3

~ Outfit from September 16th! ~

Headdress; Dream of Lolita
Blouse; Dear Celine
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Bodyline
Shoes; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Paradise Rose & Handmade

I decided to wear something super comfy and simple since I knew it was going to be a long day out shopping. ^w^ So I've worn my Lovely Forest jumperskirt with a pink blouse, pink socks and accessories themed around roses for an elegant touch. ~

This meetup was a little special for me... :3 I decided to bring the Prince along with me! We had to go shopping together anyway so I thought I would dress him up and invite him to the meetup with us! ^w^ We took some selfies together before going to the meetup! ~

My Prince never looked so elegant. *v* I was feeling so proud. ~

Our first activity was a little afternoon tea at the Théière a l'Envers tea house. :3 Only Erika could be there with us during the afternoon part of the meeting. ~

Here we are looking like very elegant ladies. :3

The Prince and I shared a teapot of Creamy Earl Grey tea and a very delicious veggie pâté plate along with some wild rice salad. ~ It was super delicious! ^w^

Erika also brought me my new Sushi Pusheen plushie that she kindly offered to grab me the other day, as they are super rare to find where I live. ^o^'' (You can see her on the table under the lamp! ^w^) I named her Susheen! :3

Erika and I had so much fun chatting about Lolita fashion and I got to give her lots of advice which is something I really like, it feels nice to be proud to share your knowledge with someone. ^w^

After our little afternoon tea, we went shopping downtown! ~ We went to a videogame store, an antique shop and a flea market.

I got a little flowery antique teacup at the antique shop. ~

We also went shopping to the mall too! We saw our friend Jennifer which couldn't be to the meeting with us since she had a dinner with her family. ;o; But I was super happy to see her! ^w^

After a great afternoon filled with shopping, we went to a Japanese restaurant, Aki Sushi! ~

Since this is the time where most of the members of the community could be there, I decided to take our outfits shots before the dinner. :3

Catherine in her lovely casual coordinate. ~ I really liked the contrast of the black and light blue. :3

Claudia in her perfectly coordinated Wa Lolita outfit! :3 She represented the style so perfectly! <3

Érika in her Elegant Gothic Lolita outfit! I liked her broaches a lot, they were antique broaches from her grandmother. :3

The Prince in his elegant outfit. :3 I really love that vest so much and I think it matches well with more regular shirts. ~

Francis in his ouji outfit! ~ I loved the sweet little neckbow and his hat! ^w^

Finally, me! XD; I looked a little bit tired after shopping all day. ^w^''

We were all starving after that, so we ordered our food! ~

I got a few hosomakis as an entrée. Susheen had fun posing with them. XD;

I was so happy to bring me new Susheen to a sushi restaurant, it was perfect. *v*

For the main course, I had some Chef's Choice sushis! ~ The sushis at Aki Sushi are always so yummy, it's hard for me to make a choice so I usually go with that option... which is also a little bit cheaper so I can get even more sushis for the price! ^w^

After eating basically our own weight in sushis, we were so stuffed. XD; But the meeting wasn't over without a group picture! :3

Here we are! ^w^ (Sorry the picture is a little blurry, the Prince took it for us and he wasn't feeling so well at the end of the night. ;o;)

After such a lovely meeting with my community, I felt really happy and proud! :3 I never thought I would have enough confidence in my capacity to host Lolita meetups regularly. I am feeling so happy to share my passion for Lolita fashion with my lovely community members which became very precious friends. ^w^ I can't wait for next meetup! ~

Until next time my squishy strawberry donuts! :3

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