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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How do I get out of a wardrobe slump?

Hello my fluffy puppies! ~

Today I wanted to share another part of my Lolita life with a subject picked up from the 52 Lolita Challenge! :3 The subject for today is...

How do I get out of a wardrobe slump?

A wardrobe slump is something that definitely happened to me in the past years. As most of you know, I do wear the fashion everyday and sometimes it may be hard to find inspirations for outfits everyday and still feel creative. ~w~

When I first started the fashion, I always felt like my outfits were always accessorized the same way since I had only a handful of accessories. I got out of this by adding more creative accessories to my more everyday and casual coordinates, espacially those busy and colourful accessories from Kawaii Goods, Chocomint, Holley Tea Time and Cute Can Kill! ^w^ I found out that even the smaller details would help to spice up my coordinates a little bit. ~ (And that's lowkey how I felt in love with OTT Sweet Lolita back in the days. XD)

The first bigger wardrobe slump I remember experiencing was 3 or 4 years ago. I would say that my closet is quite similar to what it was back then, but I didn't had that much of colour choices for my blouse and socks. I was feeling like my outfits would all look the same; Either a white or a pink blouse along with either white or pink socks and whatever jumperskirt or skirt I chose to wear that day. I did had a lot of different blouses and sleeves cuts, but my outfits would end up looking very similar to me and I didn't felt creative at all... So I decided I would add more colours to my closet for my blouses, socks and accessories. After a lot of thoughts, I added a new colour to my closet: Red! It was one of the colours that had the most outfit possibilities and wasn't in my closet except for some details on the prints of some of my pieces. So I got a red blouse, red shoes, a red bag and some red accessories to spice up my closet a little bit! ^w^ I was pretty happy with my choice, even if to me it was super bold and I wasn't comfortable to wear such a "darker" colour with my pastel pieces at first. I didn't felt the need to add something more to my closet for another year and a half.

Last year, I had the same observation as I had a couple years ago. I still felt like my outfits were always the same, every single day. I had this new colour in my closet, but I had no more new coordinates to wear with my new red blouse and I would felt bored. It didn't feel right anymore. So I decided to get two other colours for my blouses, but these colours were already in my closet! I got a few blue blouses and a lilac blouse too. :3 From this time, it really changed the way I do my coordinates now. I have a lot more creative possibilities for my outfits and I really like it! I didn't get bored with my closet since then so I guess it's a good thing! ^w^

Overall, the way I get out or a wardrobe slump is simply by getting more creative accessories to add to my outfits, add another new colour to my closet or get more "secondary" pieces and accessories from colours I already have in my closet. That was I can have more possibilities for my coordinates and I don't get bored of my outfits anymore. :3

I hope you enjoyed reading this little article and you learned something new from me or even tips for how to spice up your own closet. ~

Until next time my peachy gummy candies! ^w^

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