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Monday, September 4, 2017

My Birthday Party! ^w^

Hello my sweet rainbow cupcakes! :3

Yesterday evening it was my birthday party! ^w^ The Prince kindly organized it this year again. ~ Usually I like to have a theme for my birthdays, so this year the theme was Rainbow! ^o^/

I went to Sophie's house during the afternoon so the Prince could decorate the house. ~ We played Splatoon 2, had pizza and an Oreo cake. :3 I had a really great time with her! ~

When I came back to my house, I was greeted by my friends who dressed up nicely for the occasion! :3 As usual, I took selfies with everyone! ^o^

Now I notice I did the exact same pose with everyone, oops. XD;

I also took one with my Birthday Pusheen! And you can see the Birthday Girl badge and a cute starry pink wand that my Prince offered me for the occasion. ^w^

While we were waiting for the other guests to arrive, we played Super Smash Bros Melee! ~

Yay for Birthday Pusheen again! ~ (Can you tell I'm super obsessed with Pusheen lately? XD)

Marie-Ève and Francis arrived a little bit later so they got to have their own selfie too, of course. :3

Now that everyone was there, it was time for the group photos! ^w^

Here are the regular ones. ~

And the derpy ones! XD; We had so much fun choosing weird themes and making silly poses, it always makes me super happy! ^w^

After our silly photoshoot, I was really curious to open my gifts! *v*

Alexandre kindly offered to take pictures for me while I was opening my gifts, most of them are candid shots so excuse the slightly silly faces. ^w^''

I decided to open this one first since I knew what it was. XD; (The Prince had a 10 day return on it so he made my try it earlier this month to make sure it was working correctly. ^w^'') The Prince got me a DDR dance mat! ^o^ I wanted one since I was 15 so I was super happy to finally have it! ~

I chose the small kitty bag because I was super curious about it. ^w^'' The Prince offered me a cute fluffy pink Pusheen keychain/bag charm and... Nintendogs! XD; It's one of the games I've wanted for several years too so I was waaaayyy too happy to receive it! XD;

The next gift was from my friend Jenn! ~ She spoiled me way too much. ^w^'' She offered me some cute giant lollipops, a cute kitty card, a Hello Kitty strawberry lipgloss (that can also be a keychain) and some Cotton Candy tea! ~ She know my tastes too well! *o*

The next two gifts were from my friend Renée and my Prince. ~ Both of them were handmade by her. :3 They are two necklaces, or I like to call them little talismans... One is a reproduction of Minouche, my beloved kitty who passed away last spring, and the other is a reproduction of her eye. I was very emotional to get this gift and I cried a lot since Minouche meant a lot to me. It was very special for me to receive these two little talismans to decorate her little urn. ;o;

The next gift was from my friend Érika! ~ She made me a cute pink flower broach that is simply lovely and will go with a lot of my outfits, I can't wait to wear it out! ^w^ She also offered me a cute little eraser that is shaped like a strawberry crepe! It's just too cute to use it so it will decorate my little home. :3

The next gift were from my friends Alexa and Francois! They gave me a super fancy salted caramel spread (that I will totally eat with a spoon to be honest XD). Francois also made me some original handmade stickers! I really like Francois's art style and I feel so spoiled that he made these cute stickers just for me! *o*

The next gift were some lovely bath bombs from the Prince. ~ I really like to take baths and bath bombs are totally my weakness. XD; It was the perfect gift since the weather is getting colder so I will take more and more baths. :3 I can't wait to try one tonight! *v*

The last gift from the Prince was this Pusheen and Stormy plushie set! It's a collector one so I was super happy to receive it! *w* I can't express how lucky he was to get his hands on it to be honest, I'm flabbergasted. XD; Now I got my first bigger Stormy plushie (and she is soooo damn soft). ~

There was also a very lovely card from the Prince, he really knows how to warm up my heart with his kind words to me. ~ As I do every year I cried while reading it. ^w^'' Sorry, I'm a huge crybaby and I can't help it. XD;

The last gift was from my friend Nico! It was a cute little Eevee plushie! ~ He knows me too well, Eevee is one of my favourite Pokémon and I am super happy to have another one to add to my collection! :3

After opening all of the gifts my friends and the Prince kindly offered to me, it was time for the cake! ~

It's probably one of the prettiest cakes I ever had for my birthdays! *o*

The cake was huuuuuge! XD I always like to get a lot of leftover cake since I can eat it for days after my birthday, haha. XD; It was also super yummy; fluffy whipped icing like this one is totally my favourite kind of icing for birthday cakes. *o*

When we finished the cake, we played some light games together until we were too tired. XD;

I had a really awesome birthday this year! From my very kind friends that came to celebrate with me, my generous friends and my Prince that offered me gifts, the decorations and the cake, everything was perfect! :3 I cannot express how thankful I am for my friends to be there with me for that special moment. ~ Birthdays are super important to me as I didn't had really cheerful ones growing up and I kinda make up for it now. ^w^'' My prince is really awesome to organize such amazing birthdays every year for me, I feel blessed to have him and my friends in my life. :3

Until next time my sweet cherry candies! ~

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