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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Restaurant Review ~ Rouge Burger Bar!

Hello my little strawberry mashmallows. ~

Today I decided to write a small review for one of my favourite burger joints in Saguenay, the Rouge Burger Bar! :3 The Prince and I go to this place quite often when we want to eat good burgers in a nice, casual restaurant. ^^

The Rouge Burger Bar is located downtown, in the basement of an hotel. However, we try to go during late dinner times on not so busy days so we always get to have a quiet place to sit, chat and have a great time! There's usually not much clients during these hours (usually 3-4 other tables) which is something I prefer when going out, I don't like crowded places. ^w^'' If you are like me, I really recommend going at the beginning of the week, after 7PM. ~

The ambiance if kind of what you would expect for this type of place: Ambiant warm lighting, wood tables with stools and cosy benches with cushions, screens with sports channels on it and general pop music. ~ At first the ambiance made me uncomfortable... It's not the kind of place I usually go to! But since the clients (at least, when I went there) were surprisingly calm and quiet for this kind of place it didn't bother me that much.

But the most important part of what makes this restaurant one of my favourites in Saguenay: The food, especially the burgers! They are known for their entirely customizable burgers. You can literally chose whatever you want: the patty, the cheese, the sauces, the toppings etc... They use mostly local ingredients which are great quality, they make their own mayo, sauces, fries and they smoke their own bacon! (Which the Prince like a lot. XD)

The Prince and I went to eat out there earlier this week, so I took the opportunity to take pictures of what I ordered and to review my delicious dinner for my blog. XD;

First: The Cocktail!

I got a raspberry mojito!

I don't usually drink that much but I like cocktails once in a while. ^w^'' It tasted amazing! It's super sweet but a little bit sour and I couldn't taste the alcool at all, they make it kinda light which is something I like. :3 They serve it in this mason jar which matches nicely with the ambiance of the bar I think. ^^

The entrée!

I got some fried calamari with an aioli dip. ~

Whenever it is available in any restaurant, I usually have fried calamari as en entrée. ^^'' But these ones are simply heavenly! The little chili flakes fall on them as you press the lemon to season them and they give it a little spicy kick, but not too much! I think the fresh aioli sauce match perfectly with the crispy texture of the fried calamari. :3 I can't get enough of them. *v*

The main course!

I had a custom burger with: A veggie patty, local aged cheddar cheese, lemon-tarragon mayo, strong beer mustard, grilled bell peppers and roasted mushrooms. They serve the burger with tomato and lettuce with a side of fries. I also took an extra dried tomato mayo for my fries. ^w^

This is one of my favourite burger combination I tried so far. :3 Their veggie patty is the most delicious veggie patty I had at any restaurant, hands down! I don't really know what they put in it, but they dip the patty in a light crispy batter than they fry it. *o* (It may sound a little bit gross and unhealthy... But when you want to eat a burger that is this big you don't really care about eating healthy to be honest. XD; That's mainly why I chose veggies to add in mine, it adds a little freshness to it along with the lettuce and the tomato. :3) Also, I am a fan of strong mustard, and their beer mustard is the most flavorful one I ever had! I really strongly recommend it if you love mustard! Their homemade fries are one of my favourite restaurant fries too! I also recommend that you pay extra for a homemade mayo too, they are too yummy to live without it. XD;

Finally: The dessert!

I had a chocolate brownie. :3

No dinner is complete without a bit of sugar! ^w^ I like that they serve their dessert in little mason jar just like my cocktail, I think it's a nice touch. :3 My brownie is the only thing I didn't like quite as much as the other things. ;w; I think that it was a little bit dry... I would have a added a little more chocolate sauce to it. :3 But other than that I liked it, it was just sweet enough and it was perfect to end up my meal. ~

Until next time my little heart shaped brownies! ~ Don't forget that it's okay to spoil ourselves with a little dinner out once in a while, you deserve it! ^w^

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo ♡

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