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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Saguenay's Lolitas Meeting! ~ January 2018!

Hello my sweet sparkly rhinestones! :3

Last weekend was the monthly Lolita meetup of our little community here in Saguenay! ^w^ I decided to do a little cosy Tea Party at my place and it would be the perfect time to also exchange our gifts from our secret Santa! ~

The Tea Party was in the evening so everyone could be there. :3 I spent almost all day cooking and preparing the house for the occasion. ^w^

The lovely little table all set up, waiting for the guests! ~

Here was my outfit for the occasion! :3

~ Outfit from January 13th! ~

Headbow; Kidsyoyo
Blouse; Oo Jia
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Bag; Dream of Lolita
Wristcuffs; Chiichick on Livejournal
Accessories; Holley Tea Time & Chocomint

It wasn't the outfit I planned at first but I had to change plans at the last minute. ^w^'' I decided to wear my Milky Berry dress along with white, polka dots and hearts for my accessories. I thought it would be fun to also keep a Tea Party theme through the outfit so I wore my teacup brooch and I carried my teacup purse! :3

Renée and Karo arrived first because Karo had to get ready at my place. So Renée planned some rose flavoured cocktails to patiently wait for the other guests to arrive! ~

They were super delicious! ^w^

When everyone finally arrived, it was time to take the outfit pictures! :3

Renée in her Gothic Lolita outfit. ~ I really liked her cute sheer blouse and her platform shoes! :3

Jenn in her very first Lolita dress! ^w^ She made it herself with the help of her grandma. ~ I really liked her choice of accessory also. :3

Karo in her black, white and peach outfit! ^w^ I let her borrow some of my accessories to complete her look! ~

Claudia in her cute witchy outfit! ^w^ I think she coordinated her dress so perfectly with her striped blouse and striped socks! ~

Francis in his Classical Ouji outfit! ~ I think his gloves and earring really complete his look! ^w^

Érika didn't wanted to take an outfit picture but she looked very elegant in her black starry jumperskirt along with her new black blouse! :3

We also took group pictures, as usual! ^w^

With Kawaii-chan! XD; (For those of you that were worried about her, she is doing a lot better now! ^w^)

We all looked very elegant. :3

Everyone seated up at the table after because we were all very hungry! XD;

I also want to thank the Prince for the group pictures. ~ (He was indeed there with us but he was always behind the camera. XD)

Everyone brought a dish to share for the Tea Party! ^w^ I can proudly say that my community all have amazing cooking skills! ^o^

After everyone basically ate their own weight in yummy food and tea, we exchanged our gifts! ^w^

Érika offered me a lovely handmade Pusheen clip, a cute donut bear ears headband (that perfectly match my Little Bears Café jumperskirt ^w^) and a lovely Stormy plushie! *o* I was so happy and thankful. ~

I offered Claudia a lilac and black bat necklace from Kuma Crafts! ^w^ She looked very happy. :3

Claudia offered Érika a very elegant capelet that she made herself! *o* I loved how it perfectly matched her outfit too! ^w^

The Prince offered Karo some hair accessories and broaches. ~ (I have to say that I very much helped him choose and I kinda went overboard with them. XD;)

Karo offered the Prince a bottle of rhum! He was super happy! ^w^

Renée offered Francis a lovely handmade jabot and some cufflinks that she also made herself! ~ Our community have such an amazing talent for handmade stuff. XD;

Catherine couldn't be there but I got the mission to give her gift to her secret sants which was Jenn! ^w^ She offered her a lovely puzzle because it's one of her favourite hobbies. ~

Finally, Jenn offered Renée some hair products! ^w^ The packaging kinda clashes with Renée's aesthetic but she tried them and like them a lot! ~

I had such an awesome time with my wonderful community for this meetup! ^w^ It's so nice to see their outfits getting better and more elaborated each time. ~ I am really proud and thankful to have such an amazing Lolita community locally and I look forward planning lots of meetups this year! :3

Until next time my pretty golden teacups! ~

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