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Friday, January 5, 2018

❆ Blogmas! ❆ ~ What I got for Christmas! :3

Hello my cute chocolate bananas! ~

I've been a little late on my blog posts this week, I'm sorry! ^^'' I didn't thought I would be so busy during the holidays! XD; But today I have finally the time to write my last Blogmas post for this season... Which is what I got for Christmas! ^w^

I also want to make a little statement by saying that I don't want to brag by sharing the gifts that were kindly offered to me. ;o; I am just super excited to receive actual gifts mostly from the Prince and from his family! ~ In my family, most of them doesn't really know or understand what I like and what my passions are so they just give me money and tell me to get things I like. ^w^'' But in the Prince's family, the gifts they give are always so thoughtful and nicely put together... It is something new for me to actually receive gifts so I really felt like sharing them on my blog! :3

Here was everything I got for Christmas this season! ^w^ As I said, most of them are from the Prince's family and the Prince himself. ~ Seeing it all together like that makes me feel so incredibly spoiled. ~w~''

I'll go from person to person, in no particular order. :3

My friend Renée offered my this awesome pouring painting! ~ It matches super well with my home decor and it's exactly what my dreams are made of. :3 Sadly you cannot see all the beautiful glitters all over it on picture. ;o; I am really grateful to have another piece of artwork from my friend Renée. ^w^

My friend Julie sent me this amazing book from far away! *o* I was so excited when I received it! XD; It's filled with delicious mug cakes, cupcakes and muffins recipes that I can't wait to try. :3 (I'm sure the Prince will appreciate them also! XD;)

My friend AnniChat sent me this lovely bath bomb from Lush! :3 (The picture is a bit different and it's not on the picture above because I received it after I made the blog post! ^w^'') It is the Snow Fairy Jelly bath bomb and it smells so sweet and sugary! ~ I can't wait to try it in my bath soon! ^w^

The Prince's grandma spoiled me with these lovely hand products. :3 I've already tried them a couple of times and they smell super good. ~ It's also the perfect size for my small handbags, yay! ^w^

The Prince's sister and her boyfriend got me this cute avocado bowl and made me homemade granola! ^w^

The avocado bowl sits proudly in my kitchen, it's just so silly and cute! XD; I love avocados and I can't wait to make myself a huge guacamole in it. ~

As for the granola, well, I already ate it all! XD; It was sooooo delicious and had a lot of yummy almonds and pumpkin seeds in it! *v*

From the Prince's mom and her husband, I was so incredibly spoiled, it was almost embarrassing. ~w~ They have a tradition where we get stockings with handmade and small gifts (I didn't get a picture of them all individually though ^^'') so I'll start with the stockings and move to the bigger gifts. :3

I got these cute handmade bath bombs and homemade flavoured sugars flasks! *o*

The bath bombs smells like roses and lavender (the lavender ones are purple and they are on the bottom of the box!). I can't wait to try them in my bath! ^w^

I already tasted a couple of the sugar flavours, they are super fancy and tasty! I've got some rainbow deco ones (of course, the Prince's mom know me too well! XD), orange, vanilla, lavender, rose and maple! They are perfect to add a little touch of flavour to anything sugary! *v*

I got a bottle of rose water, a handmade goat milk soap made in a local soap factory and a bunch of sweets and treats, both store bought and homemade. :3

I was so excited to try the rose water for my daily skincare routine. ^^ I used it mostly as a toner in the morning which leaves my skin with a lovely scent. *o*

The handmade soap is scented with blueberries, raspberries and maple. :3 It is super sugary and sweet, it was the perfect scent for me! *v*

I already ate almost all the treats also. XD; The white chocolate was a homemade chocolate bark with almonds, the little jar was filled with homemade maple butter (which was decadent!)! I also got some hard caramel candies and a orange chocolate which is a tradition also in the Prince's family! ^w^

I've also got these lovely vanilla scented bath products from Yves Rocher! ^w^ Vanilla-scented bath products are always a go to for me so I was very grateful that the Prince's mom got me these! *o* They really do smell lovely and the packaging is super cute and fancy, I loooove them! ^w^

Finally, I got this small blender! :3 It will be super useful for me since I wanted a small one for my smoothies in the morning for so long! *o* It's also teal blue so it's perfect for my lovely little pastel kitchen! ^w^ I am happy and grateful to have it and I will use it pretty much everyday! :3

The Prince spoiled me with a lot of lovely gifts this season! He got me a bunch of Crayola Supertips markers for my bullet journal! *o* I was always complaining that my older ones were out of ink and I didn't have a lot of choices for colours... So he got me this huge box! ^w^ I was so happy to get them as I wanted some for such a long time! ~

He also got me a Kenaga Bananya figure and a Baby Bananya plushie! ^w^ I almost cried when I received them. XD;

I already had the Bananyako figure from this series and now with Kenaga they are the perfect, cutest couple ever! XD;

The baby Bananya plushie is just so soft and cute. ;o; You can actually tuck him completely inside his little banana, leave it open or put him into his "kigurumi mode" with only the front peel open, like on the picture! ^w^ I am so thankful and grateful to have these new Bananya items for my collection! *o*

Finally, he got me Pokemon Ultra Moon! ^w^ I've wanted it since it got released in November and now finally I can play and see all the hype about it! :3 The Prince got me the special edition with a collector keychain and a code for 12 revives! I was so happy and grateful to get it for Christmas! ^w^

I know I was incredibly spoiled this year for Christmas. ~ I want to let everyone know that I am very thankful and grateful for each gifts I received and I am incredibly happy with them! ^w^

Until next time my softest bunny paws! ~

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