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Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 in Review & My Resolutions for 2018! ^w^

Hello my sparkly pink bubbles! :3

It's now time for my yearly review of the past year and my resolutions for the new year! ~ It used to be an habit of mine (on and off) for the past few years. Overall, I think I accomplished a lot of nice and positive things last year so I thought it would be nice to share them! ^w^ Let's start! :3

~ January ~

~ The Prince and I celebrate our 2 years couple anniversary and we dine out at a super fancy restaurant. :3

~ I got a huge cold and I am sick in bed for two weeks. ;w;

~ I dress up in Old-School Gothic Lolita for Alexa's birthday party! ^w^

~ February ~

~ I work very, very, very hard to finish my final project for university!

~ I actually present my final project for my university course and I am done with school (except for my internship)!

~ I make a revival of this blog! I changed my blogging style and posting habits, focusing more on lifestyle and daily contents. :3

~ I order a bunch of things from Lush. *v*

~ March ~

~ I dye my hair bright pink again! (They were a weird blue-purple mix before...)

~ I made my first review of the Tokyo Treat box with the Sakura & Matcha theme. :3

~ My dear Minouche crossed the rainbow bridge. ;w;

~ It's the first day of Nadeshicon! *w* I am so happy to see my friends again! ^w^

~ April ~

~ I have a wonderful time at Nadeshicon with my friends, the Prince and the people from the anime club also. :3

~ I spend a bunch of money at Nadeshicon since it was the first convention I went to with an acutal budget for the dealer's room. ^w^''

~ It's the Prince's birthday! :3 We had homemade sushis with his family and celebrate with a bunch of friends. ^w^

~ I create the facebook group for the Lolitas from my region!

~ I host the first official Lolita meetup in Saguenay! We went to eat at the Crêperie Lambert and we visited the farm animals at the mall after. ^w^

~ It's Easter! The Prince and I transform into bunnies for our family brunch, as usual. ^w^

~ I start my internship for university with my friend Renée! ^w^

~ May ~

~ I do a bunch of work for my internship! I have a lot of fun and learn a lot of new things, but I've got almost no free time. ;w;

~ I receive my new blue blouse from Oo Jia, in which I fall in love with! ^w^

~ June ~

~ It's the summer Loliday! ^w^ The Prince and I do a little photoshoot together.

~ I finally finish my internship with a nice day in the nature filled with art and wonderful people. ^w^

~ I went to the Musée du Fjord with the Prince! *o* It was such an awesome day!

~ July ~

~ We celebrate Francis's birthday! :3

~ I start a bullet journal!

~ It's the SagGeek! My friend Julie came from faraway to my place for the occasion. ^w^

~ I wear my cute maid outfit for the second day of the SagGeek. :3

~ I make a new friend, Jennyfer! ^w^

~ I host my very first panel at a convention! Lolita Fashion 101! I was very nervous but I got some people interested in the fashion like Jennyfer and (my other new friend XD;) Érika too!

~ I really enjoyed the SagGeek! I made new friends but I also had a super great time with old ones. :3

~ August ~

~ I hosted the first Lolita meetup in Saguenay with more than two people. XD; We went to eat at the Café Cambio. ^w^

~ I received my My-Lolita-Dress order in which I ordered one of my dream dresses! I haven't liked a dress this much since 2014! ^w^''

~ I have a little birthday dinner with the Prince's family and we ate homemade sushis again! :3

~ September ~

~ We celebrate Claudia's birthday! The theme was Halloween/Spooky!

~ I celebrate my birthday with my friends! ^o^ I had an awesome time with them! :3

~ I host another Lolita meetup for my community! We went to a tea house, shopping and eating sushis! ^w^

~ I go apple picking with the Prince family at l'Île-aux-Coudres! :3

~ October ~

~ I received another Tokyo Treat box with an Halloween theme! ^w^

~ I go for a short trip to my hometown and I get new Tsumtsums. :3

~ I dressup in my Clown-Kei outfit for Halloween!

~ November ~

~ I get another Tokyo Treat box which was the most delicious one of the year!

~ I received my exclusive Pusheen plushies from ItSugar! *v*

~ I host a casual Lolita meetup at the Café Klimt! ^w^

~ December ~

~ It's the winter Loliday! I host a meetup with my dearest community again. :3 We went for brunch, holiday shopping and at the Café Cambio. ^w^

~ It's the Prince's office party! ^w^

~ I host a pyjama & gaming party with my friends! :3

~ I get a huge conjunctivitis right before Christmas Eve, yay! XD;

~ I go to my hometown for the Christmas weekend! I have a little brunch with Alexou and I enjoy time with the Prince and my family! :3

~ I celebrate the New Years Eve with the Prince's family! ^w^

That's it for what happenned in 2017! ~ I am very proud of what I have accomplished last year and I am looking forward reaching more goals during 2018. :3

As for my resolutions, I have a lot less than what I am used to but they are more important to me than ever so I wanted to share them also! :3 As usual, they are separated into two categories, material and lifestyle!

~ Resolutions 2018! ~

Material ~

~ Replace my older/used pieces from my closet. (Winter Boots, Pink Shoes, Lilac Bag, Bloomers)
~ Get some new Fairy-Kei shoes!

~ Get at least 10 nice thrifting finds for my vintage toys and plushies collections.

Lifestyle ~

~ Host at least one Lolita meetup for my local community every two months.
~ Get back into my morning and night routines. (Especially reading and meditation)
~ To be a more positive, kind and helpful person. I want to give and attract only good vibes! :3
~ To cook and bake more! I want to try a lot of new recipes with seasonal and local ingredients all year round. ^w^
~ Get back into painting my nails pretty colours more often!
~ Build/revamp my garden, herbs and flowers this summer.
~ Practice mindfulness daily. (Especially mindful eating!) I want to stop multitasking and doing things mindlessly.
~ To connect more with spirituality through witchcraft. I am still a very beginner witch but I want to explore that aspect of my life more seriously this year. :3
~ Actually follow my saving goals and save the amount I intended to this year!

I hope that you'll all have a great year 2018 and that all your wishes may come true! ^w^ Until next time my sweet fruity marshmallows! :3

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