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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Daily Outfits! ~ January 15th to January 19th!

Hello my sweet strawberry fluffy plushies! ~

I was back to work last week which means that I also have some lovely outfits to share on my blog this week! ^w^ They are mostly daily outfits for me so they aren't very special but I thought I would share them anyway. ~

~ Outfit from January 15th! ~

Headdress; Dream of Lolita
Blouse; Kidsyoyo
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Paradise Rose

I went for a light pink and blue colour scheme with my Lovely Forest jumperskirt. ~ I've worn bunny accessories to complete the theme of the outfit. :3

~ Outfit from January 16th! ~

Headbow; Momo & Jia
Blouse; Dear Celine
Skirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Sugar Raindrops & Rococo Soul

I went for a simple casual outfit on that day. ^w^ I coordinated my lilac skirt with pink and simple plain socks and simple accessories completes the outfit. ~

~ Outfit from January 18th! ~

Headbow; Dream of Lolita
Blouse; Oo Jia
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Chocomint, Paradise Rose & Offbrand

I decided to go for something a little more creative on that day. :3 I paired my Sheep Garden jumperskirt with my red blouse and red flowery socks. ~ I went with pearly and glittery accessories in red and pink for a more elegant touch that would match nicely with my hairstyle. ^w^

~ Outfit from January 19th! ~

Headbow; Oo Jia
Blouse; Anna House
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Wristcuffs; Princess Pearl
Accessories; Bodyline, Chocomint & Holley Tea Time

I went with the same colour scheme as the previous day because my nails were painted in pink and red! ^w^ So I paired my Star Night Theatre with a short sleeved pink blouse and pink pony socks. ~ I decided to keep the theme of stars and ponies through the accessories. I think that the lacy pearl wristcuffs also paired well with my starry brooch! :3

That was my daily outfits for last week! ^w^ I also want to know, are you still interested in daily outfit posts like this? Or you prefer when I share outfit only from special events? Because they are the posts that does the most poorly on my blog but they are the most time consuming to plan, edit and write. ^w^'' So please let me know! ~

Until next time my little chocolate cupcakes. :3

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