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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Saguenay's Lolita Meeting! ~ May 2018!

Hello my sweet strawberry parfaits! ^w^

Last weekend our little Lolita community had a meetup! ~ This month, we decided that we would go on a little road trip to Alma, a nearby city which is where one of our members, Érika, live! :3 It was a little less than an hour to drive there. ~

I had only visited this city once before when we visited an art gallery for university so I didn't had the chance to explore the city very much. XD; So we decided to explore the city all together with Érika as our tour guide and host! ^w^

Here was my outfit for the meetup! ~

~ Outfit from May 12th! ~

Headbow; Oo Jia
Blouse; Dear Celine
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Secret Shop
Shoes; An*Tai*Na
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Paradise Rose, Chocomint & Holley Tea Time

I decided to wear something on the comfy side since I was feeling a bit low on energy and sick. ^w^'' I coordinated my Star Night Theatre jumperskirt with white and some touches of pink. ~ I also chose accessories themed around stars and bunnies to match with the print. :3

I was lucky enough to have the Prince by my side for this meetup again! ^w^ We took a couple of pictures together before leaving. ~

I really love when the Prince dress up with me for our Lolita meetups! ^w^

I picked up Catherine and we headed up for Alma city! ~

We took a little picture before we left for our small road trip! ~

Our first stop was l'Exode Café which is a small café with delicious food and bubble teas! ^w^ We were all super hungry for lunch so we ordered our food almost right away! :3

I had a veggie sandwich with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese and a raspberry and strawberry bubble tea! ~ It was very delicious!

The Prince also had a sandwich and Érika and Catherine had breakfast sandwiches along with bubble tea too! ~

It was nice to try some new bubble tea flavours! I am very used to the creative mixes from the Fanamanga but at this café you can create your own flavour combo to your liking! ~

After our yummy meal we went to the mall for a little bit of shopping! ^w^

We found some very derpy bootleg Pokémon at the gaming shop! XD The Prince, Érika and I got some because they were only 50 cent and SOOO derpy. XD;

They even wrote it on the receipt. LOL!

We also went to the dollar store to look for some hidden treasures. ~

While we were there we took some mandatory group pictures in front of the flower display. ~

Sadly I didn't found anything I really liked at the dollar store, which is pretty rare actually. XD;

After that, we went at the book store! :3

I saw a lovely purple notebook with gold accents and clasps that could be used as a grimoire for my witchcraft but it was a little bit on the pricy side. ;w; I wish I had taken a picture of it, it was so pretty! ;o;

After our visit at the mall we went to the Chocolaterie au Coeur Fondant which is a chocolate factory that also sells cute cupcakes and ice cream too! ^w^ (I needed my dose of sugar after my lunch. XD;)

I had a pistachio cupcake along with raspberry and pistachio macarons. :3

The Prince had an ice cream with caramel, Érika had a cupcake and macarons and Catherine had an ice cream sandwich! ^w^

After our little sugary break we visited the galerie Langage Plus which is an art gallery. ~

I really enjoyed the exhibits. ^w^ It's been a long time since I visited and admired art since I finished school and I was filled with so many emotions. XD;

Catherine also discovered a little kids corner with drawing supplies so we decided to draw all together. ^w^

Can you guess which one of us have an art degree? XD;

For our dinner, we went to eat at the Café du Clocher! ^w^

The Prince tried a new beer from the Riverbend craft brewery! He was very happy since it's one of his favourite brewery. XD;

For my entrée I had some melty brie cheese with maple syrup and walnuts and the Prince had some fried calamari. ~ The brie was so delicious! *o*

For the main course I had a seafood risotto and the Prince had a duck confit pizza. ~ My risotto was very creamy and good, the flavour was super mild and yummy. ^w^

For our dessert I had a crème brûlée and the Prince had a fried blueberry ice cream! ~ I really liked the crème brulée and the serving was so big! ^3^ Crème brûlée is my favourite dessert to get at a restaurant and I can't get enough. XD;

After our yummy and very fancy dinner, we went to the Malatesta which is a gaming café! :3 Claudia and Francis joined us there to finish the day beautifully. :3

We also took our outfit picture there since I forgot to take them earlier. XD;

Mandatory print fluff picture haha. XD;

The Prince in his lovely pirate vest. :3

Catherine in her cute Country Lolita outfit (missing her straw hat xD). ~ I think she coordinated that print so nicely with that cardigan and shoes. ^w^

Érika in her starry jumperskirt. ~ She always look so elegant with her mini top hat. :3

Francis in his Ouji outfit. ~ I really love his vest and I think it matches so nicely with his hat! ^w^

Claudia in her witchy Gothic Lolita outfit. ~ Can you believe all her pieces were thrifted? *o* Her jabot is also super elegant. :3

And finally, me! XD; Looking very tired but happy. ^w^''

We also took group pictures too! ^w^

The Prince took a first one of us, but the nice clerk lady offered to take some of us all together. :3

We kind of look like a weird but happy family all together haha! XD;

We finished the day by playing board games and drinking bubble tea again! ^w^

I had a melon and kiwi flavoured one this time! ~

Overall I had such a nice day exploring the city of Alma with my frillies! :3 I give all my special thanks to Érika for being such an awesome host for this meetup! ~ After skipping the month of April, I was glad to get back to our monthly meetups for our local community and to hang out and do fun things all together. ^w^ I am very grateful I can share these awesome moments and memories with my precious fashionable friends. ~

Until next time my fluffy pink bunnies! :3

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