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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tokyo Treat Box Review! ~ October 2017!

Hello my spooky pumpkins! :3

I got another Tokyo Treat box this month and I decided to do a little review of each snacks and treats on my blog! ^w^ This time, the Prince tried all the treats together with me so you get two opinions instead of just one! ~ (But we would agree on it most of the time though. XD)

This month's theme for the Tokyo Treat box was... Halloween! Of course! :3 I was super excited for this box so let's start with the review! ^w^

This was the contents of the premium box which is the biggest one! ~ They changed their boxes since last time I did a review and included some more dagashi snacks. ^w^ As usual with the bigger premium box you get a drink, a DIY candy and a small gift that isn't candy! ~

Here was the little gift included! It's some One Piece wax paper, to use with food and in your lunches and stuff! :3 The Prince really like One Piece so he was super happy to receive this in our box! ^w^

As I said we reviewed the snacks and candies one by one. ~ I wrote the review as we were trying them so it was fresh in my mind. :3

Pie No Mi ~ Halloween Version ~

Firstly, the packaging is very cute and colourful! I already tasted the matcha Pie No Mi in the March box, so I can’t wait to try the original flavour! The pie texture is super flaky and buttery, it isn’t sweet at all. The milk chocolate inside adds a touch of sweetness but it’s not too sweet. It is super tasty and the chocolate doesn’t taste cheap like the chocolate here.

Horror Mask Mint

The packaging is super spooky, it doesn’t look like a tasty snack at all. It have a mask included with the snack which I think is a little weird… XD; The candy inside is some small pink beads that look like they are made of sugar. (They say it’s supposed to be blood red though… XD;) The candy isn’t very tasty… It tastes very strongly of sour apple, it doesn’t taste sugary… The Prince melted the candy on his tongue and he enjoyed the candy much more than me and found it more sugary. Well, at least I got a spooky and funny mask. XD;

Paripipo Avocado Cheese Potato Snack

The packaging look quite fancy to me! It’s a two sided potato snack with one side flavoured with avocado and the other side flavoured with cheese. I am very excited to try this snack because I love avocado and cheese so much! ^^ It smells very strongly of cheese when I opened the package. The chips are shaped like little triangles and are hollow inside. The flavour is quite well distributed, it taste as much like cheese as it taste like avocado and both tastes very good together. It doesn’t taste artificial at all, the avocado flavour taste like a true avocado and the cheese taste like a bite of cheddar cheese. It doesn’t taste overly salty like the chips here. I really enjoyed this snack! ^w^

Mogimogi Fruits Gummy

The packaging is super cuuuute! It’s a gummy candy that is shaped like an actual grape vine and each of the sections have a different flavour. The gummi is suuuuuper sticky!! It’s kinda hard to get it out of the packaging because it’s so sticky. XD; The taste of each gummi part isn’t artifical at all, it’s not overly sweet and chemical like the candies we’ve got here. They suggest that we mix the flavours together, but both me and the Prince thought that they tasted better by their own. The taste of each flavour is super strong too, it’s like an explosion of flavours in your mouth! ~

Toppo ~ Halloween Version ~

I’ve never had Toppo snacks before so I am super excited to try it! ^^ The packaging is designed to match with the Pie No Mi one, it’s super colourful and cute! ~ It kinda looks like inverted Pocky? It taste like bretzel sticks stuffed with chocolate. The milk chocolate inside is a tasty and « fancy » as the ones in the Pie No Mi! It is a very yummy snack! ^^

Harvest Mont Blanc Choco Sandwich

It smells so good and nutty! I had choco sandwichs in the past but never in this flavour! The filling taste super naturally of chestnuts and it isn’t super sweet at all. The Prince compared the filling to a chestnut gelato! It is super creamy and the taste is not artificial. We tried to eat them by separating each biscuit and only licking the filling… It was soooo good! *v*

Satsumanma Sweet Potato & Apple Chips

It smelled like dried fruits, nothing else. XD; The sweet potato ones tasted not sugary or sweet, they didn’t seem to have added flavour at all. It was super natural and plain. The apples ones tasted super plain too, like dried apples. I found it kind of plain and boring since it only tasted like dried fruits and potatoes to me. The Prince really enjoyed this snack much more than me, he liked the taste and how it tasted super natural. ~

Melon Soda Jelly Drink

When we opened the can, it smelled strongly of natural melon and a little bit sweet. We decided to put it into a glass because of it’s jelly texture and the little jelly bits inside. It looked like a witch’s brew! XD; The texture was super weird, there was some jelly parts and some that were liquid… It was weiiird! XD; It tasted very good though, not too sweet and yummy! ^^ It seems that there’s some natural fruits inside too! It’s weird to have to chew your drink. XD; Overall it was tasty, but the texture is very special. XD;

Koala's March ~ Halloween Version ~

I already had some Koala’s March before so I already know how they are supposed to taste. ^^’’ But I am glad to have this cute Halloween packaging to collect! ~ As usual they were super tasty! The little koala biscuits are Halloween themed too, they are little koalas dressed up in Halloween costumes! ^^ Unlike the Pie No Mi and the Toppo, the chocolate inside the biscuit is the cheapest taste of them all. It was still yummy though! ^^

Waraku No Sato Chestnut Yokan
(I had to take a picture from google for this one since mine turned out really bad and we already ate the snack, sorry. ;w;)

This was the treat me and the Prince were the most excited to try! The texture was a little weird at first, but it tasted mostly good. It taste like a sweet paste, super sweet for a Japanese snack and probably the most sweet treat of the box! It tasted faintly of chestnuts and maybe a little bit of roasted red beans? It was very interesting to try!

Zombie Maker Gum

In this package there was a zombie card, some stickers for the zombie card and a small packet of gum. XD; The gum tasted like soda/ramune bubble gum, it was super tasty but it was only a white piece of gum, nothing too exciting. XD; I really liked to build my own zombie with the stickers though! ^^

Now, it's time for the DIY!

Kana Kappa Bubbly Jelly

I am super excited to try this DIY! It seems to be quite simple too! ^^ We just had to mix water and powder and to place it in the fridge for 10 minutes. The texture was bubbly and jelly-like. XD It was very weird. XD; It also tasted like grapes, but it’s a much more chemical taste than the grape flavour Japanese candy usually taste.

Now it's time for the Dagashis! They are budget snacks and they are a little smaller than the other ones. Also, their name isn't written inside the booklet since it isn't the same for each box if I understand correctly! We did our best in identifying what each of them was. XD;

Umaibo Pumpkin Potage?

We think that it was Japanese pumpkin potage flavoured? It was super yummy, a mix of sweet and salty and the spices used in the snack were really bring out the flavour! It was a very tasty Umaibo. ^^

Potato Corn Potage Snack?

It was some kind of potato chips that were super big and flaky, there was 3 in the package. It tasted like… Dixie Lee spices? XD; Maybe a bit of corn also... But it was super good!

Squid Snack?

It was literally a kind of dried squid piece. XD; The texture was a little weird and mushy… But it tasted good, a little bit salty but tasty. XD; The Prince thought that it was kind of like squid jerky?

Monster Stamp Candy?

I remember tasting these kind of stamp candies here when I was young, but I haven’t found some here in a long time! The Prince and I had fun stamping them on our hands. XD; They tasted like orange juice! ~

Dracula Gum?

It was some little round bubble gums that were blue and they tasted like ramune soda! Ramune soda is one of my favourite flavours so I was super happy! XD; The Prince hate this flavour so he let me keep the leftover ones. ^^

That was my little review of each snacks from the Tokyo Treat October box! :3 Overall I really enjoyed most of the snacks included, I really like that they included some dagashis in their box now so we have more snacks and candies to try! ^w^ I already ordered the November box, so stay tuned for another review next month! ~

Until next time my sweet spider gummy candies! ^o^

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