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Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Favourite Lolita Print(s)! ~

Hello my soft bunny tails! ~

Today I wanted to write a blog post about a subject from the Lolita Challenge list! ^w^ I picked up the subject randomly and the one that was picked was...

My Favourite Lolita Print!

It's a super exciting subject for me, because I think that prints are becoming a lot less common (at least from what I feel) in Lolita fashion during the last few years... However, I really love printed dresses, especially the overly sugary pastel explosion ones! XD;

So it's not really a surprise that my favourite print EVER is...

Milky Planet, of course! ^w^

I am lucky enough to own not only one, but two replica jumperskirts of this print. :3 One in lilac (which was my first ever dream dress that I could actually own and wear) and one in pink too! ~ The detail I love the most about this print is the melty rainbow. ~ I also love all the hype about this print, it's a very iconic sweet Lolita print, probably the most iconic from Angelic Pretty, at least to me! ^w^

I thought that only share one print would be a little boring and short for a blog post and since I love prints so much I decided to share my Top 5 favourite prints with you also! ~

My 2nd favourite print is...

Dream Fantasy!

You can probably guess why I love this print a lot too! It's because of the rainbows, again! XD; This print make my heart skip a beat when it was released. ;o; The bunny plushies are just too adorable and I love the sky theme and the lovely fluffy clouds also. ~ It's a very soft and dreamy print and it makes me feel so good. :3

My 3rd favourite print is...

Sugary Carnival!

The thing that I love the most about this print is the swirly candy all through it, but especially the ones at the bottom with the little whipped cream! It just look so neat and perfect. ~ I also really love the little marshmallow shaped like bunnies, fruits, hearts and stars on the print too! ^w^ I also own two replicas of this print, one in lilac and one in pink! ~

My 4th favourite print is...

Toy Parade!

This print was one of the first prints I fell in love with when I discovered Lolita fashion! It's not really my favourite toy print (I actually love Toy Fantasy a little more), but it hold a very special place in my heart. ~ I really love how the lovely pastel colours would complement eachother, the cute balloons, plushies, the rocking horse, the little toy cube that is just so adorable to me! XD;

My 5th favourite print is...

Jewelry Jelly!

This print is just so wonderful to me! ;o; I love the gradient effect in the background! I also really like how they managed to make the jellies look like actual jellies with the shading/colouring. The whipped cream details are also super adorable and I love how it separates the bottom part from the rest of the print! ~

I hope you enjoyed discovering my favourite prints ever! ^w^ As I said earlier I really love sweet Lolita prints and I can just hope that one day Angelic Pretty will go back to their sweet sugary aesthetics. XD;

Until next time my precious sparkly jewels! :3

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