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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Apple picking at l'Île-aux-Coudres! ~

Hello my fluffy apple pies! ~

As you may already know since I mentioned it in my last blog post, I went apple picking with the Prince's family last weekend at l'Ile-aux-Coudres! ^w^ It was the first time I went there so I was super excited to discover the place. :3

I took quite a lot of pictures, but sadly my phone died in the middle of our trip. ;w; But I still wanted to share the ones I took! ^w^

The Prince and I were super excited! ^w^ I also brought my new Halloween Pusheens with me on our little trip. :3

The ride from Saguenay to Charlevoix is a little less than 2 hours long. I am happy I didn't had to drive this year, but since I am not used to be in a car without me driving, I was feeling a little dizzy and sick. ;w; I was glad to finally arrive in Baie-Saint-Paul! ^w^''

We first went to the mall. ~ The Prince and I got a pumpkin spice latté (because we wanted one for so long and it was very suiting to the activity XD) and we visited the littles boutiques in Baie-Saint-Paul's mall. It is a small mall and it looks like a factory from outside, but inside there's some little cute shops with so many treasures! *v*

After that we went at two little cheese-making farms and boutiques. ~ We decided to stock up there since it's way more cheap than to buy them from the store in Saguenay, so we got some fancy cheese and some cured meat for the Prince. ^w^

After our little shopping spree, we took the boat to l'Ile-aux-Coudres!

Me and the Prince took some selfies. XD; You can see the island from far away!

I am used to the boat in Tadoussac so it wasn't very impressive for me as it is pretty much the same thing. XD; I was hoping for a more spectacular boat ride to be quite honest. XD;

We finally arrived to l'Ile-aux-Coudres and we went straight to the orchard!

Of course I had to take some selfies with the apple trees! ^w^

It was surprisingly sunny and warm on that day! ~ I was comfortable with my short sleeved blouse with the warm autumn sun. :3 (But I regretted it later since I got sick this week. ;w;)

Also, we went apple picking earlier than usual in the year, so there was still some perfect and beautiful fruits in the bottom of the apple trees! When we go, we usually don't get some beautiful fruits unless we climb to reach them (which I am always afraid of ~w~). But it help that we went to a lesser known orchard, it was calm and even if it was on a Saturday, there wasn't that many people there compared to when we go to l'Ile D'Orléans!

The Prince picked waaay more apples than me, I was too busy trying to get the perfect pictures. XD;

After our bag was full, I wanted to do a little improvised photoshoot in the orchard. ~ The Prince was my photographer, as usual. ^w^ (Thanks for bearing with my picky self! XD)

I really liked my outfit on that day! ^w^ It seemed like the perfect outfit to go apple picking. ~ It's the first time that I go apple picking and I wear a plain main piece, I usually wear my gingham pieces. But I thought that my red dress paired with my blue blouse would match perfectly with the colour of the sky and the orchard. :3

I also took pictures with my new Halloween Pusheens! *v*

They were so happy to get on that trip with us and to get to help us pick apples! ^w^

I also decided to take more pictures with the Prince while we were waiting for everyone to finish to fill up their apple bags! ~

Haha, we had so much fun! ^w^

It was really nice to explore a new orchard and a new place! ~ The apples aren't as big as the other orchard we usually go to and the bags are a little more pricy, but the place is a lot more quaint and calm. :3 I really liked it! ^w^

The orchard have also a cider house affiliated with it, so we went there after that! We tasted so many types of cider. I don't know exactly how many, but they make probably over 20 different kinds of cider! We got some for us and some to give as gifts also. :3

We also stopped at the bakery in l'Ile-aux-Coudres to get some bread for the night's dinner. ~ And after that we were ready to come back. ;o; We had a nice dinner at the Prince's sister's house all together with the food we gathered from our little trip. :3 It was so yummy and I was very happy after this long day. ~

Overall I had a really nice day apple picking and discovering l'Ile-aux-Coudres! I liked the orchard a lot since it was less busy and the place is more beautiful to me. ~ I can't wait to go back again! ^w^

Until next time my cinnamon-filled apple buns! :3

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