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Monday, July 31, 2017

SagGeek 2017 Review! ~ Sunday July 23th!

Hello my cute flowery teacups! ~

Today it's time for the review of the last day of the SagGeek which is a geek/anime convention in my city. :3 (I've already reviewed the first two days in my blog earlier so check this out! ^w^)

This day was veeeery overwhelming for me, because I got to host my very first panel at a convention! ~ My panel was the first thing in the morning, so I rushed out to make sure everything I needed was ready and I also wanted to make sure I had a little bit of time to rest before starting my panel. ^o^'' I was super nervous, but in the end everything went super well. :3

The Prince took some pictures of me during my panel. ~

These were candid shots, so I apologize for the silly faces. XD;

My panel was called "Mode Lolita 101" which translates into "Lolita Fashion 101", which is pretty self-explanatory. XD;

I covered everything from the origins of the fashion, the anatomy of a Lolita outfit, what to avoid in Lolita fashion, the different styles, where to buy clothes and where to avoid buying clothes, building your own Lolita closet and your firsts outfits and finally and the lifestyle and Lolita meetups. ~

Obviously, I tried to be as neutral as possible, but I shared a lot of my own advice and my own opinion on the subject, which is what a panel is for in my opinion. :3 I kinda liked it and I look forward doing a Lolita Fashion 201 panel maybe next year along with this one? ^w^'' We will see! :3

After my panel I decided to do a little picnic (in the lobby as we didn't found a nice patch of grass outside XD) and I chatted with the people I got interested into Lolita fashion as well as my friends too. :3 I was feeling a lot less stressed and I enjoyed our little lunch together a lot. ~

After our meal we went to see the award ceremony and the closing ceremony of the convention.

I took a picture of all the winners from the mascarade!

I was happy with the results of the mascarade, most of the people with the nicest cosplays won something, including my friend Mel! ^o^ I was so proud of her, I cried a little bit to be honest. ^w^''

After the ceremony, I figured out I forgot to take my outfit shots for the day. ^o^''

~ Outfit from July 23th! ~

Hat; Taobao
Blouse; Oo Jia
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Secret Shop
Shoes; An*Tai*Na
Bag; Taobao
Wristcuffs; Princess Pearl
Accessories; Paradise Rose

Since I knew I was going to host a picnic on that day I decided to wear Country Lolita. :3 It's the first time I coordinate my short sleeved blue blouse with my Sheep Garden jumperskirt and I liked it to bits! ^w^ I think it makes the blue details on the print pop out a lot. ~

I also snapped a couple of pictures of my friend Julie with her awesome steampunk outfit!

I really liked her corset! *v*

Little picture with my friend Julie. ~

And a group picture of our little gang. :3

Alexa and Francois only came to the convention of that day and I was so busy that I didn't had much time to spend with them. ^w^'' But I'm happy I got to see them at least! ~

After the convention the Prince and I kinda organized a huge dinner at the Sam Sam buffet! XD; It started with only the two of us but as the convention went by I invited pretty much everyone that I knew. ^w^''

Everyone at the buffet! ~

I was super happy to see everyone for our last meal together after the convention. :3 The buffet was delicious by the way, it was nice to eat to our hearts stomach content after a nice but stressful weekend. ~

I had a really awesome time with all the people I got the chance to talk to! I got to meet a lot of awesome people, it filled me with joy and warmed my heart so much to see how many people are important to me, and care about me also. ^w^

Overall I had the most awesome time at the SagGeek this year! It's nice to get to spend time with the people who like the same things as you, that have the same passions as you, it makes you feel a little less weird and lonely... I never could have imagined to share my life with such precious people to me, especially in the city I live in. I feel blessed and I'm so grateful to have such awesome and magical people in my life. ^o^/

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