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Monday, July 3, 2017

Anime Review! ~ Miss Monochrome: The Animation!

Hello my cutest fluffy kittens!

Today I decided to continue a little blog series that I started on here a while ago, anime reviews! :3 I recently finished the mini anime Miss Monochrome, so I decided to write a review for it since I enjoyed it quite a lot! ^w^

Miss Monochrome Review!

Miss Monochrome is a mini anime series which have 3 seasons of 13 episodes each. The episodes are 3 minutes long for the first season and 5 minutes long for the second and third season. ~


This is the story of Miss Monochrome, an android which is an aspiring idol. She want to stand out more and more in the idol world; so we follow her journey along with her robot Ruu-chan into becoming a super idol. It's a very lighthearted and funny anime. Sometimes things can go bad or have unexpected turn of events but the situation always get resolved in the end.


The art style to me was very typical for a modern anime. There's noting that really bothered me with the animation scenes which have nice effects sometimes, especially when she does concerts and/or dances. The backgrounds is sometimes a little bit minimalistic but nothing that made me not enjoy the art or animation. The opening and ending were dances and were also beautifully drawn and animated.


I really liked the sounds used in this anime which are mostly Miss Monochrome songs that you can hear in the background. The voice from the main characters also suits their personalities a lot! Miss Monochrome have really an original android voice which is something I really liked! The voices from the characters have also a lot of tone in them so you can really grasp their emotions though the situations.


As usual when there's a mini anime you don't get to have a lot of character developpement which is something that I was expecting. I am glad that they made a second and third season for that reason, I wanted to get to know the characters more! Most of them have quite stereotypical personalities though which made the story kind of predictable at times and to be honest this was probably my biggest disappointment with this anime.


I personally enjoyed this anime on many points! I love idol animes and I had never seen an anime like that before. As I said earlier it's a lighthearted anime that made me smile, laugh and it even made my cry sometimes. ;o; My favourite points were the dances, the voices and the songs. I wish the characters wouldn't be so stereotypical though, it would made me enjoy the anime more!

Overall I give Miss Monochrome a rating of 7.5 out of 10!

Until next time my perfect rainbow cupcakes! ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo ☆

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