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Friday, April 7, 2017

Nadeshicon 2017 Haul! ~

Hello my cute little heart shaped sprinkles! :3

Today I wanted to share with you my Nadeshicon haul! ^w^ It was the first anime/geek convention I went to with an actual budget to spend in the dealer's room so I was super excited! *v*

Here is everything I bought! (Minus the things I got to give as gifts... For obvious reasons. XD)

I don't remember what exactly I bought from which shops. ^^'' So I decided to take pictures of each things individually but I went by theme... I guess. XD;

Here are the smallest things I bought, mostly pins. ~ I am not a huge fan of pins on clothing but I like to use them on my cloth bags. Though most of these will look nice with my Fairy-Kei outfits. :3 I mostly bought them because I liked the artwork. ^w^ I also got a donut ring (which was super cheap) to wear with my Little Bears Café dress. Also, I got a small gachapon moon compact! ^w^ Sadly there weren't as much Sailor Moon merch as I thought. ;w; But this piece is truly beautiful and detailed for a gachapon! ~

I also got some stationary Sanrio items that were overly cheap. ~ I got a Hello Kitty notepad, a super adorable Little Twin Stars notepad, a Little Twin Stars pouch because I figured out I really lacked pouches and a Hello Kitty bank I'll probably only use as a figure/decoration for my Hello Kitty collection. ^w^

Here are the candies I bought! All of them are DIY candies so I can't wait to try to make them and taste them. XD; I'll probably do a huge DIY candy blog post when I'll try them out (along with the ones from my Tokyo treat box)! ~

I bought two figures for my collection too! I really want to start a figure collection from the animes and the games that I like. ^w^ I got a small Sakura figure with her black and pink neko outfit and a Yui figure from K-ON in her maid outfit! Both of them were reasonably priced which surprised me. XD; Sadly you cannot see them very well in their boxes but I don't want to open them up yet until I got the proper place to expose them. ^w^''

I got a bunch of plushies too which are my favourite thing to collect. ^v^'' I got this birthday party Pusheen plushie that reminded me of my never ending love for parties and cupcakes. ~ She even got her little face on the icing of her cupcake, soooo cute! :3 And I also got a Clefairy plushie, as she is one of my favourite Pokémon so I really wanted to add her to my Pokémon plushie collection. ~

Here are the two little Alpacasso plushies that I got! ~ Sadly most of the ones that I wanted at the booth sold out very quickly. ;w; I got the cute little white one from the ribbon series and a small rainbow one from the regular series. :3

Be prepared for the Neko Atsume hype! I kinda went crazy with the Neko Atsume plushies, but since most of them are sold out online I think it was worth it. XD; I got an Apricot keychain which is one of my favourite cats, I also got Pumpkin with a little fish too! And yes, thy got little X shaped buttholes. Yes, I nearly cried when I saw it. ^w^'' I also got Sapphire and Jeeves as some matching keychain for me and the Prince since they are literally us. XD; Sapphire even got some cute bloomers, can you believe that? *v*

I also got a HUGE Peaches plushie! ~ I am so happy I got it! ^w^'' She is super soft and so well made (Yes, she got a X shaped butthole too!). She was only 35$ so I went for it and I can't even figure out how I haven't bought them all. XD;

Finally, I grabbed this bigger Sassy Fran plushie too! :3 She was also 35$ but she is about half the size of the Peaches plushie and she is a lot less stuffed. XD; But I liked her too much to not get her. ^w^'' I relate to her a lot because I am also a very cute neko meido, after all. *v*

That was me Nadeshicon haul for this year! :3 I'm very happy with everything I got!

This week I got a little post-con depression as I was sorting through my purchases... ;w; But I am really hype for the SagGeek now and I may want to give a panel about Lolita fashion there? Or maybe not? I'll have to think about it... *v*

Until next time my sweet little neko plushies. ~ Take care of yourself and don't forget that it's okay to spoil yourself once in a while. ^w^

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo ♥︎

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