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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Celebrating the Prince's birthday! :3

Hello my sweetest strawberry buns! ~

This weekend it was the Prince's birthday! Since I got to snap a couple pictures of the event, I wanted to share it on my blog today. :3

We started the day by picking up a yummy take out breakfast as it's the Prince's favourite. ^w^ We relaxed quite a lot until dinner time, we played video games and just enjoyed our day off work. ~

We got a couple of pictures together before going out to eat! :3

 For dinner, we went to eat at the Prince's mother's home. ~ The Prince wanted to eat sushis! ^w^

We got to make and roll our sushis ourselves. ~ It's always a nice experience. XD;

Here was my plate and the Prince with his plate. ~ I am not used to make sushis like I used to in the past so my sushi rolling skills weren't so on point. ^^'' But they were very delicious! ~

For dessert, the Prince asked for a black forest cake! ~ The Prince's mom homemade cakes are always super delicious! *v*

After our yummy and wonderful dinner, we went at the Tour à Bières to celebrate with the Prince's friends! ~

The Prince and I got a sample of every beer they had to offer. ~ I only got a sip of them to taste though because I don't usually like beer that much. ^w^''

Our friends came to celebrate with us! (Sadly I didn't get a picture of everyone because some people arrived later in the evening. ^w^'')

I was happy that the Prince got to have a wonderful birthday with delicious sushis, a yummy cake and some awesome friends! ~

I gave him his gifts the day after (which was the day of his actual birthday XD) and I forgot to take a picture of him with them. ;w; But I offered him his own little DIY candy to make, some badges to decorate his work bag and a Cthulhu mug! :3 He was super happy so I was happy too! ^w^ We also went to hang out at Sophie's place during the afternoon and had a simple takeout pizza for dinner at home too. ~ I think my Prince really enjoyed his birthday weekend! :3

Until next time my cute little cat paws! ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo ☆

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