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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tonight, I have waaay to much outfits to post. ^w^'' I have been a little late with my posting schedule this week as I try to manage my time a little better. ~ Well, today I have 7 outfits to post, as well as a little gaming haul. :3

Let's start with my outfit from Friday two weeks ago! ~

I wanted to wear an outfit with that specific blouse so I matched it with my Milky Berry jumperskirt I haven't worn in a while. ^w^ I wore a red bag and red shoes to match the blouse, along with red strawberry accessories. Finally, some tulle brooches match the wirstcuffs perfectly. ~

Headbow; Kidsyoyo
Blouse; Oo Jia
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Secret Shop
Shoes; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Wristcuffs; Princess Pearl
Accessories; Chocomint, Paraduse Rose & Offbrand

On Saturday I had to go to work. Usually on weekends I try to not wear makeup to let my skin breathe a little so I dress more casually and toned down. ~

So this is how I look when I am not dressed up on weekends. ^^; As you can see, it's very simple and plain. XD;

Headbow; Anna House
Shirt; Offbrand
Skirt; Offbrand
Socks; Fan Plus Friend

Now, my outfit from last Monday! I wanted to dress very colourful! ~

I matched my lilac Sugary Carnival with a pink blouse and pink socks with colourful details. ~ I added mokomoko yarn brooches, plastic accessories and a shooting star bag for a playful look. :3

Headbow; Dream of Lolita
Blouse; Anna House
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Kawaii Goods, ManiaQ, Holley Tea Time, Rococo Soul & Offbrand

Let me show you my outfit for Tuesday! ~ I really wanted to wear my Lovely Forest on that day since I haven't worn it in a few weeks! :3

I paired my Lovely Forest along with a pink blouse, socks and bag. ~ Both the blouse and the socks have a deer theme and my accessories had a bunny theme so overall it keeps the forest animals theme I guess. XD;

Headdress; Dream of Lolita
Blouse; Dear Celine
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Paradise Rose

Now, my outfit for Wednesday! ~ I really wanted to wear another dress I haven't worn since nearly 6 months! ^^;

I wore my Wonder Cookie jumperskirt I haven't worn in ages! ^w^ Along with matching tea themed socks, a pink blouse and a pink bag. ~ I chose mostly colourful mokomoko yarn accessories. :3 I really wanted to have fun with that outfit, even if the theme of the accessories doesn't really match. ~v~;

Headbow; Kidsyoyo
Blouse; Kidsyoyo
Jumperskirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Paradise Rose, Kawaii Goods, Chocomint & Holley Tea Time.

On Tuesday I was feeling like wearing something a little more on the fancier side. ~

I wore my Vanilla Chan dress with white accessories and pink accents. ~ I chose white socks because I planned to have my white cardigan on almost all day, I was soooo cold at school! ~w~

Headbow; Oo Jia
Dress; Oo Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Sugar Raindrops, Chocomint, Rococo Soul & Offbrand.

As you may have noticed, my phonecase have changed on that day. XD; I received my new phone case in the mail. ^w^

Here it is! ~ I bought it on eBay for 8$ so it's probably a Sanrio knockoff, but it have a little hook to add charms on it, and I wanted a case with that feature for so long! *v* It's very cute, I love it a lot and I can add charms on it, so I'm happy with my purchase. ~

Finally, the last outfit for this post, my outfit for Friday! ~ I felt a little unconfident with myself on that day and I was kind of tired... So I didn't bother with my outfit. ^w^;

I wore a simple, casual and comfortable outfit in pink and blue with my Anna House printed skirt. ~ I chose bunny themed accessories.

Headbow; Miko Lolita
Cutsew; Rose Melody
Skirt; Anna House
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Paradise Rose

On Saturday and today I dressed casually, almost just like my outfit from last Saturday because I like being comfy sometimes... ^^;

Today I decided to spoil myself with a little haul from EB Games. ~

I bought a bunch of Animal Crossing things! OwO;

First things first, I bought Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival! ^w^ Since I played the game at Sophie's place I couldn't stop thinking about it... So I bought it! ~

It came along with two Amiibos, Isabelle and Digby! ~ It also came with three Amiibo cards which are special edition for Amiibo Festival I think! OvO

I also bought a few other Amiibos to play with the game. ~

Cyrus, Reese and K.K. came in a bundle pack all together. ~ I reaaaally wanted to have Reese and Cyrus Amiibos, because people compare the Prince and me to them all the time. ^v^;

I also got Lottie! She is probably my absolute favourite character in the Animal Crossing series. ~ She kinda act just like me in the games, especially in Amiibo Festival. ^w^ I love her a lot! :3

Technically, the Prince bought this Amiibo, but I took a picture of it anyway. XD; He kinda have a fascination for Resetti so he had to get his Amiibo to play the game with me, apparently. XD;

I also got the Animal Crossing calendar! ~ I saw it as soon as I entered in the shop, and I didn't plan to buy it at first, but when I saw the price, I knew at had to get it! *v* It's just so cute and colourful and I get to have my favourite characters follow me all year long! ~

Also, the Prince got me Kirby and the Rainbow Curse! ~ It's my very first Kirby game! *v* I haven't played it yet, but it looks so fun and colourful! :3

That's what is happening in my life lately apart from work and school. ~ Now, I'm off to soak myself in a bubble bath and watch animes with the Prince. :3

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo. ✩

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