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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Today I decided to take the time to think about my new year resolutions! As usual, they will be divided into two categories: materials and lifestyle. ~ They are a little mashup of the resolutions for the last years that I haven't achieved as well as new ones. :3

~ Resolutions for 2016! ~

~ Material ~

~ To get at least 8 pieces of clothing or accessories from my Lolita wishlist.
~ To get a new kigurumi! ^w^ (And maybe a matching one for the prince? ^o^)
~ To get a sailor fuku or a maid outfit. (Before Halloween!)
~ To get at least 5 new vintage toys or plushies for my shelves.
~ To get myself at least 5 new games for my newest game consoles.

~ Lifestyle ~

~ To keep my job and always trying my best into succeeding in my workplace.
~ Allow a little more time to study for school and for my school projects.
~ To manage my money a little better. Keeping my leftover money for expenses that are more needed and that will benefit me for the long run.
~ To wear Fairy-Kei (or a Fairy-Kei inspired outfit) at least twice a month.
~ To cook and bake home made meals and recipes more often. Trying to start meal prep for me and my prince's meals.
~ Trying more vegan meals and recipes and try to eat vegan at least 3 days a week.
~ To drink more water, especially when I am at work.
~ To keep my little castle more tidy and clean.
~ To do my nails more often and trying to get back into nail-art.
~ To get back to my beauty and skincare routine.
~ To take more, more, more inspirational pictures! To decorate them prettily and to post them on Instagram.
~ To get back into posting on this blog, including my outfits. Also, trying to post more inspirational things about my lifestyle in general.
~ Actually finish watching the animes that I have started during the last two years and try to watch at least 5 animes this year.
~ To play more video games, especially the ones that I have already started and try to finish them.

I know, there are a lot. XD; But I'm fairly sure I can keep them. ^w^ Last year was a year where I could experience a new way of life, but this year I'll try to get back on track with my ideal Lolita lifestyle.

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo. ✩

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