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Friday, January 1, 2016

Hey! Long time no see my little bunnies! ^w^

I take the time to write on my blog this evening because it's part of my new year resolutions! OxO I wish to give another breath of life to this blog because, honestly, I missed blogging so much! ~ I don't promise anything for now, but I will do my best to keep this blog running a little more! ^w^

I wanted to make a little review of my last year in pictures! ^w^ I don't have a lot of pictures and since I don't have blog posts either it may be a little boring, please bear with me. ^3^''

~ 2015 Review! ~

~ January ~

~ I meet my prince for the first time, and I fall in love at first sight!

~ After the first university party of the year, I decided to leave the art student association.

~ I am hired at my current job as a call center agent. ^w^

~ I am super happy, I feel like this month was a rebirth for me. :3

~ February ~

~ Me and my friends went to the Falardeau Zoo and we met cute baby tigers! ^o^

~ It's Valentine's Day! Me and my prince are going out to eat. :3

~ I'm doing lots of projects for school. ^^''

~ March ~

~ I go back to my hometown for the spring break and I dye my hairs with lilac and turquoise. :3

~ Gaming night with my prince and his friend. ^w^''

~ April ~

~ It's easter! ^3^

~ My hairs are becoming more pale... ~o~

~ May ~

~ I got engaged to the prince... XD; (Just kidding! ^w^)

~ I went back to my hometown with the prince for a weekend and we visit Pointe-Lebel together a little. ^w^

~ AnniChat came to visit me and offer me a cute friendship necklace! :3

~ I host a tea party with my friends. ^w^

~ Gabrielle came to visit me! ^o^

~ The circus is in town! ^o^

~ And it was Sophie's birthday! :3 We went to eat cute cupcakes! ^w^

~ The prince got me Pokemon X!

~ June ~

~ I tried to make a revival of this blog. XD;

~ I bought some new bags! ^w^

~ I go back to my hometown for Father's Day!

~ I got my hair dyed with bright pink and purple! ~

~ My prince feed some cute baby stray cats and we help his parents move. :3

~ July ~

~ Sophie invited us for a pizza and cupcake night! ^w^

~ I tried new concepts for my outfit pictures, I become officially addicted to DecoPic and I start posting more on Instagram!

~ The prince and I went at Val Jalbert! ^w^

~ We also went at Chibougameau the day after. XD;

~ Since we had two weeks off, we also went back to my hometown. ^w^

~ August ~

~ I receved my flowery Country Lolita skirt and the Little Bears Café jumperskirt I ordered back in spring!

~ Sophie hosted a gaming party!

~ It's my birthday party! ^3^

~ September ~

~ School starts! I have lots of projects to do and almost no free time! ^3^"

~ October ~

~ The prince and I went apple picking with his family! ^o^

~ We're going to my hometown for the midterm break!

~ I get my hairs dyed again in bright pink. ^w^

~ Dinner out with my coworkers! And we went bowling after. :3

~ It's Halloween! ^o^

~ November ~

~ The prince starts his new job! ^3^

~ Since I have more time to dress up, I take lots of selcas. ^w^''

~ I still make nice projects for school. :3

~ December ~

~ It's International Lolita Day! I dress up in my latest dress I bought and I went Christmas shopping with the prince! :3

~ It's my job's Christmas party! I try a new colour combo with my Vanilla-Chan dress! ~

~ School is almost over! I finish my last project for this semester. :3

~ I got a very cute rainbow Christmas tree! ^3^

~ AnniChat came to visit me! ^o^

~ I host a Christmas slumber party with lots of my friends! ^w^''

~ I got lots of cute presents for Christmas! :3

~ My prince and I got a Wii U during the Boxing Day! XD;

So, that was it for my little review of the year! ^w^ Overall, I think it was a super great year for me! I learned a lot, built my path towards happiness and got to experience new things! :3 I am looking forward for what life have to give me for the next year! ~

Since I'm getting a little tired, I'll post my resolutions for 2016 later this week! ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo. ❄︎

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