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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Daily Outfits! ~ April 1st to April 6th!

Hello my pretty sparkling stars! ~

I'm back on my blog today with my outfits from the last week! ^w^ It was a pretty busy week for me so I've got a lot of outfits to show you! :3 It's been a while since I've dressed up pretty much all week and I am very proud of myself! ^w^

Now onto the outfits! :3 As usual they were worn to work unless stated otherwise! ~

~ Outfit from April 1st! ~

Headbow; Momo & Jia
Cutsew; Rose Melody
Skirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Anna House
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Sugar Raindrops & Rococo Soul

I just wanted to wear something simple and comfy for my first day of work last week! ^w^ I was feeling like I don't wear this skirt with white a lot lately so I decided to make an outfit with it! :3

~ Outfit from April 2nd! ~

Headbow; Anna House
Blouse; Kidsyoyo
Jumperskirt; Anna House
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Paradise Rose, Handmade & Offbrand

I wasn't sure if my red jumperskirt would go nicely with my new hair but I got so many compliments on that outfit that day! ^w^ I paired it with peachy pink and accessories themed around flowers to stay a bit in my comfort zone. ~

~ Outfit from April 3rd! ~

Headbow; Kidsyoyo
Blouse; Dear Celine
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Holley Tea Time, Chocomint & Paradise Rose

I wanted to wear an outfit that was kind of casual but still a bit dressed up for my last day of work that week. :3 I love doing these kind of "throwback" outfits sometimes, it being me back good memories from when I started the fashion. ^w^ I coordinated my Milky Berry jumperskirt with white and accessories themed around berries. :3

~ Outfit from April 4th! ~

I wore this outfit to go out shopping with my friend Érika! ~

Headbow; Dream of Lolita
Blouse; Dear Celine
Skirt; Dream of Lolita
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Kawaii Goods & Rococo Soul

I told myself last year that I would wear this skirt more during springtime so here I am! ^w^ I like to coordinate it with pink and a lot of touches of pastel colours! ~ I think that my necklace and my bunny bag charm really complete the outfit!

~ Outfit from April 5th! ~

I've worn this outfit for a chill day sewing with my friend Érika! ~

Headbow; Miko Lolita
Cutsew; Rose Melody
Skirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Secret Shop
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Paradise Rose

Just a casual outfit so I could be comfy for the day! ~ I don't coordinate this skirt with my peachy pink cutsew a lot so I decided it would be nice for a change. :3

~ Outfit from April 6th! ~

I've worn this outfit from the Prince's birthday party with our friends! ^w^

Headbow; Oo Jia
Blouse; Oo Jia
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Bodyline
Legwarmers; Handmade
Shoes; Sketchers
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Tasty Peach Studios, Kawaii Goods, Chocomint, ManiaQ, Rococo Soul & Offbrand

Since the theme for the Prince's birthday party was "Party like it's 1999" I wanted to wear something very colouful and kind of Fairy-Kei inspired. :3 I coordinated my Milky Planet lilac jumperskirt with blue and accessories mostly themed around stars and the sky and ponies! ~

So that was all my outfits from last week! ^w^ I hope I can inspire you for your own too! :3

Until next time my heart shaped pink sprinkles, take care! ~

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