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Friday, February 16, 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival! ~ Preferences of Solids Or Prints: What Draws Your Favor & Why?

Hello my sweet chocolate puddings! :3

I'm back on my blog today with another subject from the Lolita Blog Carnival blogging community for this week! ~ The subject for this week is...

Preferences of Solids Or Prints: What Draws Your Favor & Why?

 As much as I would like to surprise you and be kind of quirky, you guys probably know the answer! ^w^'' It's prints!

I think I have kind of a good balance of solids and prints in my closet. I really like to have some solid pieces that are more simple and kind of easier to coordinate daily for more busy days. I actually stocked up a lot on solid and more plain pieces before I entered university for that reason! I knew I wouldn't have much time to think about complex coordinates to wear daily so I got a bunch of very simple solid skirts and cutsews to make things easier for me. ~

But prints are truly what make my heart skip a beat in Lolita fashion! I used to dream about them and I never knew I could get my hands on or even fit into printed dresses when I first started the fashion! I realized my wildest dream when I got my first printed dress which was my pink Wonder Cookie jumperskirt replica! I wore it waaaay too much back then because I felt so beautiful and myself in it and I was so grateful to have it and to wear it! ^w^ When I think about it, it still makes me super proud and wonderful and I couldn't be happier. ~

Nowadays I like prints because I think they are very easy to dress up, even in OTT style with a lot of accessories and bold colours but they are also easy to dress down and let the print itself be the star of your coordinate! This is one thing I really love to play around with my printed dresses; to see how much I can take the most OTT Sweet print I own (which is Milky Planet) and even dress it down with a simple white blouse, simple plain socks and very few simple accessories. I also think that simple coordinates, even with some more colourful and bold print makes me feel less overdressed in my daily life and I can still enjoy my wonderful prints! ^w^ (But let's be honest, I can't say no to an OTT Sweet coordinate just to go to work once in a while, it always makes me feel better!)

Don't forget to take a look and show some love to the other bloggers that participated in this week's Lolita Blog Carnival!

Until next time my sparkle rose petals! ~

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