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Friday, February 23, 2018

How I first found out about Lolita?

Hello my sparkly purple bunnies! :3

I wanted to write a bit on my blog today so I decided to chose another topic randomly from the Lolita Challenge! ~ I am really glad I got this topic because it is very inspiring and remind me so much of nice memories! ^w^

How I first found out about Lolita?

We have to go waaaay back in time when I was a little 16 years old emo/scene girl. XD; It was probably around October or November 2008...

Since it was my last year of high-school, I was actively searching for designs or inspirations for my prom dress! I knew I would have to get it custom made to my size and my tastes because I didn't liked to show any skin that wasn't covered by a t-shirt (and I still do!) so that would limit my choices of "traditional" prom dresses a lot. So, since I liked darker gothic and victorian clothes, I decided that I would search for these types of clothes to design my own prom dress! ^w^

That's how I found out about Gothic Lolita fashion and dresses! I started daydreaming about them and I really wanted to wear these types of clothing forever! I really wanted to be a frilly dark victorian princess! XD; Back in the days, I was still more leaning towards darker themed things because that was closer to my fashion choices at the time. I didn't even knew that other styles of Lolita existed!

But in the beginning of 2009 I found out about other Harajuku fashions like Decora and Fruits and I made the link between the two! XD; I was amazed at how creative you could be with your clothes by wearing Harajuku fashion, it wasn't like anything I've ever seen before! This is also how I started to find out about the other substyles of Lolita fashion, especially Sweet Lolita!

Gradually my personality and tastes changed a lot, I started watching cute magical girl animes and liking overly cute and pastel things! I was hooked on Sweet and Classic Lolita! I still designed my prom dress with a very Gothic Lolita twist since I already had chosen the fabric and the sewing patterns for it... But let's say that I added a lot more cutesy bows than originally planned. XD;

So that was the little story on how I found out about Lolita fashion! ^w^

Until next time my strawberry scented little pups! :3

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