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Monday, September 1, 2014

I wanted to start something new on my blog today! :3 I saved this "52 Lolita Challenge" in my computer for... Nearly two years now? I wanted to do it when I know I'll have time to complete all the challenge. Basically, you are supposed to blog about one Lolita related thing a week for a year. However, to fit my needs I think I'll try to post a subject when I'll have the time, it can be four times a week or every two weeks, we'll see! ^w^ I really wanted to get back on track with more "Lifestyle" related blogging, and I was searching for a way to do so... Now I found it! :3

They have a particular order but I'll choose a random one with a random number generator, just because it's more fun this way! ^w^

This time I picked...

~ How I get out of a wardrobe slump. ~

It's funny because, I was REALLY in a wardrobe slump during the end of last year. I was wondering what should I do with my closet, should I keep wearing OTT Sweet or should I start wearing Classic Lolita... I really didn't know where my closet would lead me. I felt very boring in almost all my coords... Even if they were perfectly coordinated, I felt like I was always wearing the same colours, the same prints, the same accessories...

At first, I thought that I should invest myself more into my Fairy-Kei wardrobe. Since this style is so different from Lolita fashion, I thought that would make me appreciate my Lolita coordinates more. I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I would only buy Fairy-Kei clothes during the first part of the year so I could have a functional small Fairy-Kei closet. I slowly started to wear Fairy-Kei but... I felt a little uncomfortable about it at first... I knew I wasn't going to wear it as much as I would like to... So I stopped buying Fairy-Kei clothes, because I thought this would lead to nothing...

As time passed, I realized that I kinda had a "pattern" with my coordinates: The things that makes my Lolita coordinates so different are the blouse, the socks and the bag that I always try to match together. I also took a look at my closet and I realized that, since my love for Country Lolita was growing, I had more pieces with strawberries on them... Red strawberries... At the time, I counted 6 pieces with red on them in my closet, it was quite a lot! Enough for me to make the decision to add a new "main colour" to my closet: Red! It was obvious to me that it was an investment, because with only a blouse, a pair of shoes and a few accessories, I'll be able to spice up old prints into new coordinates, and with a new colour scheme too! ~ I also recently decided that I would invest into a light blue blouse and a lilac blouse too, so I can mix and match them with my main pieces I already have in my closet and so these won't seem so boring anymore. :3

By wearing Lolita fashion everyday like me, it's very easy to get tired of wearing the same clothes... I have to be very creative to find new ways to coordinate the same pieces, week after week. Sometimes I wear the same coordinates because I know I like them... But after wearing the exact same coordinate 4 or 5 times, you get tired of seeing it and you want to innovate with your pieces.

So, my advice if you are into a wardrobe slump is: Take the time to analyse your closet and your outfits. Why are you unhappy with your outfits? Is it because you always wear the same colours? Is it because they are all based around the same theme? Is it because you always wear the same accessories? Is it because you always wear the same prints/dresses?

If you don't have the budget to buy a new blouse, new shoes or a new bag, try something smaller! Maybe invest in a headbow in a colour that is on your prints but you don't have in the main colours of your closet. Pair it with a brooch the same colour of the headbow or a necklace and you have a new coordinate for less than 15$. ~ Don't be afraid of pairing your pieces with unusual colour combos, maybe you will discover new potential in your pieces. :3 Try to wear different coloured long sleeved blouses under your OPs for a different look each time so they look less boring than when they are just left on their own... There's a lot of ways to get out of a wardrobe slump, you just have to think carefully about it and try new things! :3

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo. ♥︎

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