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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yesterday was the International Lolita Day! ^w^ Yay! ~ I had a really awesome time at Chicoutimi's old port with my lovely Alexou-chan! :3 We took a lot of pictures so this will be a very long post. OwO

Let's start with my outfit for that special day! ~

Sailor Lolita in white, pink and blue. ^w^

Headbow; Oo Jia.
Blouse; Oo Jia.
Skirt; Oo Jia.
Socks; Bodyline.
Shoes; An*Tai*Na.
Bag; Loris.
Accessories; Chocomint, Paradise Rose & Offbrand.

I usually wear the last pieces I've added to my collection for Loliday so this time it was my sailor lolita blouse and my simple blue skirt. :3 I added some touches of pink in the outfit to add a little tri-cloured patriotic feeling? XD; I think that the stars bracelets and the stripes complete this look beautifully. :3

We started the day by eating a little picnic in the park near the old port. ~ There was some beautiful bushes and trees all around us. :3

I had the chance to use my second bento box that I bought last summer, yay! ^w^

After our little meal, we decided to take a bunch of pictures near the sea. ~

Alexou-chan looked like a cute mermaid with her hair in a braid and her lovely white dress! ^w^

And me with my usual sailor poses. :3 I love wearing Sailor Lolita, it makes me feel like I'm working on a cute ship that feeds dolphins and seahorses. ~

After our little photoshoot, we decided to go to the funfair that was at the old port for the weekend. :3 It was at the other side of the old port so I was very tired when I arrived. ~o~ I decided to rest a little in the restaurant while Alexou was eating her cotton candy! :3

Yes, she managed to finish it all! XD;

We decided to play some games to win plushies!! ^w^ I won a pink donut, a lilac bear and a lilac unicorn! ~ Alexou won a pink unicorn that is just like the lilac that I won, yay! We have matching unicorn plushies now. :3

We took a picture in front of the carrousel with our plushies! ^w^

Sadly, we didn't ride on the carrousel because we had to pay a little less than 6$ for just one ride for one person. ;w; We thought it was too much so we only took a picture with it because it was free... XD;

After our afternoon at the old port we were kind of hungry so Alexou changed clothes and we decided to find a place to eat! ^w^ Sadly, the parking lot near the Cambio was closed because of a cycling competition so we tried a new place! ~ We went at Passion Café which is a café that also sells sandwichs, salads, croissants and yummy desserts! :3

I had a vege sandwich with a yummy strawberry and mango smoothie and Alexou had a spicy meaty sandwich. ~ You can tell that she eat a lot faster than me haha. XD;

For dessert I had a millefeuille and Alexou had a chocolate cake. ~

After our meal I went back home to relax. ~w~ It was nice to take a lot of pictures near the sea and I liked my outfit a lot. ~ I'm happy I won lots of cute plushies at the fun fair and I discovered a new restaurant. :3 I had such a lovely Loliday with one of my most awesome friends! ^w^

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo. ✿

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