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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Musée du Fjord review! ^w^

Hello my sparkly mermaids! ~

This weekend I went to visit the Musée du Fjord which is a local nautical themed museum in my city! The Prince and I had free tickets to go and they were expiring soon so we finally booked up an afternoon in our busy lives to visit it! :3

There was quite a lot of things to see for such a small museum! There was two exhibition rooms, one room with an aquarium, one with a vivarium and one with a multimedia movie.

We started the visit with the multimedia movie! It was about the history of the formation of the Saguenay fjord. It was nice and interesting and there was such beautiful images of the aerial view of the fjord. The room was made so we had the impression of sitting in a kinda spaceship? XD; It was a fun thing to experience for sure!

After that we went to the vivarium! The Prince know quite a lot about insects and reptiles as it was one his passions growing up! ^w^ He told me a lot about the animals in the vivarium section and we had a lot of fun looking at the cute and shy little critters. :3

Here are some little pictures of my favourites animals I got to see at the vivarium! ^w^

After the vivarium we went to see the two exhibition rooms! Those were a little more traditional with texts written on the walls and little interactive games, quizzes, displays and stuff. There was one about the time and how it affects the human body, myths about time, the science of time and lots of other interesting things! I really liked that one and learned a lot! ^w^ The other one was about the history and the genealogy of the Saguenay region, this one didn't interest me as much though. ^^''

Finally, we visited the aquarium room last!

There was some huge tentacles sculptures at the entrance of the aquarium so of course I had to pose with them. XD;

The aquarium room had most of the fishes species we have in the Saguenay fjord, if not all of them! We were very impressed at how much different and exotic fishes there was for such a northern place!

I took a lot of pictures of the different fishes, but I didn't even got to take a picture of all the species. ^w^'' There was so many to see, it was very impressive! ~

There was also a little basin by the other side with some smaller sea creatures that you could touch and hold in your hands. *v*

I got to hold and pet an urchin! It was so nice to feel it moving so slowly. ~ I was really happy! *v*

The Prince and I snapped some little selfies in the aquarium room before leaving to remind us this lovely day! ^w^

I was really happy I got the chance to visit the Musée du Fjord! We had a lot more fun than we expected and we were glad to finally visit it! We learned a lot of things and I was very impressed with the aquarium and the vivarium, it was such a nice little afternoon! ^w^

Until next time my fluffy starfishes! ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo ☆

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