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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The seasons & why they became an inspiration for me. ~

Hello my sweet little green sprouts. ~

Today I wanted to get back to the roots of what this blog was for. At first, I wanted to use my blog to share whatever would makes me happy and inspire me at the moment, so that's what this blog post is about. ~

I used to really hate hot weather; spring and summer were some dreadful times for me and I would get super upset as soon as the snow would melt away. My skin is very sensitive to sunlight (due to medication & genetics) so that would mean I would need to hide for 12 hours a day for a full 5 months, almost...

A couple years ago, I wanted to try Country Lolita. Obviously the most suitable time to wear this fashion was in summer or spring... I slowly got to fall in love with the natural vibes of Country Lolita. The strawberries, the delicate flowers, the gingham patterns, the straw accessories and the simple coordinates would make my heart skip a beat every time. Because of Country Lolita, the fashion of spring and summer, those things slowly drifted away from their negative meanings and would start to bring me joy. :3

This is at the point in my life where I decided it would benefit me if I would get grounded with nature. I didn't wanted to feel negative about the seasons or the weather anymore. I wanted to feel connected to them and to live through them. There's always a little sparkle of happiness you can find within everything all around you. I started to practice mindful living through nature and the seasons.

And that's how I became at peace with all the seasons and all the weathers...

I would start to look at the natural world with a sparkly eye. Those dewy leaves on a spring morning, the water puddle after the rain, the sprouting leaves that are just a little too light green yet, the scent of that crispy autumn afternoon, the sparkly immaculate white snow on a stormy night.

During the last year or so, I even started to try to eat seasonally with more local fresh fruits and veggies. To eat the products that are in season and to even try to grow and eat my own herbs would makes me feel even more connected spiritually to nature. I would feel like I am a whole with all my surrounding and that I am growing trough the earth too, with my own little roots and the little sprout on my head. ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo ✿

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