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Monday, May 15, 2017

Lolita Tips! ~ How do I coordinate a Lolita outfit!

Hello my sparkly red cherries! :3

Today I decided I would write a post about how do I coordinate a Lolita outfit! For those of you who may have following me for a while, you may know that I wear Lolita fashion on a daily basis and that I've been wearing the fashion for a very, very long time. ^w^'' So that probably makes you wonder how so I come up with ideas for my outfits on such a regular basis?

There are many things that would inspire me to wear a particular outfit on that day and I usually make my choice according to something very specific; a main piece, a certain blouse, a colour scheme, an accessory, the way I want to style my hair, etc...

If it's a main piece (skirt, jumperskirt, op) that inspire me to create an outfit, I will usually go with the theme and the colours of the print. These outfit are probably my less adventurous and the most boring ones. XD; But sometimes it's nice to have some simple ideas on hand for days that you are particularly busy.

If it's a blouse (or a cutsew) I will mentally discard any main pieces that doesn't match with the blouse well. It will leave me with a choice of main pieces and I sincerely usually choose randomly from that, it can lead to some interesting choices. XD;

If it's a colour scheme, I will usually mentally select all of the main pieces and blouses I would feel like wearing on that day and I chose a blouse and a main piece that matches the colour scheme I want to wear. I usually chose the main piece first so I can grab a blouse that fits well with the main piece.

If it's an accessory, it sometimes lead to the most experimental and exciting outfits. XD; I'll chose a main piece that would match nicely with the accessory and I build my outfit from that. I also take into account the texture of the accessory (pearls, mocomoco yarn, plastic, tulle, etc...) to chose a general vibe to maintain through the outfit!

It it's my hair,  it will usually determine the vibe I want to give to outfit; If I want to braid my hair, I'll probably go for a country lolita outfit with my gingham, strawberry or flowery pieces. If I want to wear them straight I'll go with something more casual that doesn't need a giant headbow or sailor lolita. If my hair have braid pleats in them I'll tend to go for something more OTT and playful. If I want to curl them I'll go for an outfit that have a more elegant and ladylike vibes, etc...

As for the inspiration, I'll often go with the weather, how I feel, what I've got to do on that day, something I'll be eating, the people I'm going to hang out with, etc... Each day have something to offer me so I take inspiration from that to chose something to kick start my coordinate! ^w^

It also helps a lot that I have a bunch of clothes and accessories to chose from! I would suggest to keep the main colours in your closet to 3 or 4 colours and 1 or 2 colours for accents at most. I also tend to prefer having a bunch of versatile accessories that I can wear with a lot of outfits that some very specific accessories that can only works with 1 or 2 coords. I also tend to keep the same themes through my accessory collection; bows, stars, hearts, bunnies, ponies, sweets and strawberries are the most common for me. ~

I hope this little article helps you how I choose my coordinates everyday. :3 Until next time my sweet little wind fairies! ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo ❀

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