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I'm a 26 years old plus-sized Sweet Lolita that wears the fashion daily since 2009.
I live a Lolita lifestyle to help me progress through the path of happiness.
I like to express myself trough art and writing poetry.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tomoyo's Secret Garden 2.0!

Hello cuties!

You may have noticed that I haven't been very active on my blog lately. ^w^'' Life was getting in the way and I didn't had much time to do what I enjoy: Blogging! But from now on, I want to try and blog about my life as much as possible. ~

I reflected on what I would want this blog to become... And I decided that it was time to elaborate a new posting formula, try a more regular posting schedule and new contents! I want this blog to still be very personal, but a little more organized too!

So today I decided to launch my new blogging era: Tomoyo's Secret Garden 2.0! XD;

Joking aside, here is what you can expect on this blog from now on:

~ Weekly outfit posts.
~ In-dept reviews of my different purchases.
~ Lolita & Lifestyle blogging in general. (Lolita blogging challenges, etc...)
~ Artistic, poetic and inspirational posts.
~ Baking & Cooking posts!
~ General blogging about things in my life. (Events, parties, holidays, conventions, etc...)
~ Seasonal/Holiday lookbooks!
~ Favourites of the season.
~ Anime reviews.

That will be pretty much it! ^w^ Instead of making very long chronological posts about my life in general, I want to start blogging in a more organized way, separating my posts by subjects, etc...

Expect me to post between once to three times a week, depending on how busy/strict I'll be! ^w^

Until next time my little cuties. ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo! ❀

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