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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lush Order!

Hello sweeties! ^w^

Today I decided to share my Lush order that I just received this afternoon! ~

I'll try to review each product's smell as much as possible as I won't do try outs or videos for the sake of the review only. XD; Since I usually save my Lush products for special occasions, this bunch of bath products should last me at least 3 months... Which would be in my opinion a little too late to make a blog post on it. ^^''

Here was my package as I received it! It was very rainy and humid outside today and the postman left it on my porch in the melting snow... I wasn't super happy about it but the products inside were fine. ~w~''

Here is everything I ordered! I got four bath bombs, two luxury bath oils and two bubble bars. ~

I wanted to try new products from their year-round collection because I wanted to discover new favourites. :3

Small Bath Bombs

I got Butterball and Pink!

Butterball: It have a lovely creamy vanilla smell. :3 I really love sweet and vanilla scented products so I really wanted to try this one. ^w^ I believe the colours won't be as exciting in the bath as their bigger bath bombs but since it's one of their smaller ones I don't really mind.

Pink: This one is one of my all time favourite bath bombs from Lush! It smells like candy, but not too sickenly sweet! I love that it turns the bath into a lovely colour, and there's some cute heart shaped confetti inside. For around 5 dollars, it's one of their most impressive bath bombs for the price. ^w^

Bigger Bath Bombs

I got Blackberry and Rose Bombshell!

Blackberry: It smells a lot stronger than what I expected! It have a musky scent of strong berries but I think it also smells a little flowery? I usually love fruity smells to bits so I can't wait to try it!

Rose Bombshell: This one is from their Valentine's Day collection! I couldn't resist! ^w^'' I usually love flowery scents form Lush because I think that even if it's a flowery scent, it always end up smelling a little sweet too? XD; This one doesn't make an exception. ~ It smells a lot like roses, but I think it have a little sweet touch to it too!

Luxury Bath Oils

I got Razzle Dazzle and MMMelting Marshmallow Moment!

Razzle Dazzle: It smells like fruity, tangy raspberries! Raspberries are one of my favourite type of berry so I had to get this bath oil. ~ Also, these are ridiculously cheap (3,50$) and this one is bigger than I thought!

MMMelting Marshmallow Moment: It's the first bath oil I ever tried. ^w^ I smells very sweet, soft and creamy, just like a marshmallow. ~ Also, if I remember correctly they have a bunch of glitters in it! I really like Lush bath oils because sometimes their bath bombs can be a liiiitle bit drying for my overly dry skin, so these would be perfect for the end of winter, as I am a very dried little blob that still want to enjoy baths. XD;

Bubble Bars

I got Milky Bath and Dreamy Candy!

Milky Bath: I wanted to try this one for so long! I really like the little milk bottle shape, it's so cute! ^w^ It smells very faintly sweet and creamy. ~ The description says that it's super hydrating for the skin, so I can't wait to try it out!

Dreamy Candy: The last but not least, Dreamy Candy, my favourite bubble bar ever! It turns your bath pink, it smells like candy and I can use it at least 2 times! For around 7$ it's a must have it you are a sweet & pink lover like me! ^w^

I also got a freebie: Coalface!

I believe it's one of their exfoliating facial cleansers? Yay! I can't wait to try it! I haven't tried their facial cleansers before so it will be a first time for me! ~ It smells like strong black liquorice, which is a smell I like. XD; It also have a teeny tiny sweet smell to it which makes it more exciting to try, at least for me! ^w^

Overall I am really happy with my order! I can't wait to try everything I bought! :3

Until next time, take care my little cuties and don't forget to do plenty of self-care and self-love to go through the last bits of wintertime. ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo! ❀

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