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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It have been a little while since I posted here! ^w^'' I'm sorry! Last week I was super busy with school all day long and work during the evenings. D: But now my classes are over since last weekend so I got a lot of time to spend relaxing (even if I am sick).

Sadly, I do not have many outfit pictures... But I do have quite a bunch to show anyway!

So, let's start with a couple of pictures of my final project from my summer class! ^w^

It was my birthday party! ^w^ Well, not really. XD; We had to do a project about self-representation so I decided to make a diaporama with my outfit pictures from the last 7 years and to throw a party to celebrate my 7 years into Lolita fashion! ^w^

On last Saturday it was Julie's going away dinner as well as the Desbiens brothers birthday dinner too! We went at Pacini all together. ~

Here was my outfit for that day! ~

I decided to wear an outfit I would really like! ^w^ I paired my Milky Berry jumperskirt with my red blouse, a red bag and my red shoes along with berry socks, a berry ring and berry necklace. ~ I also wanted to add an elegant touch by wearing pearl bracelets and tulle brooches. :3

Headbow; Kidsyoyo
Blouse; Oo Jia
Jumperskirt; Oo Jia
Socks; Secret Shop
Shoes; Bodyline
Bag; Loris
Accessories; Chocomint, Paradise Rose & Offbrand

The Prince and I also took a cute selca together at the restaurant! ^w^

I also took pictures of my meal because I felt like it. XD;

Yummy pesto bread from the all-you-can-eat bread bar. :3

I had snails with cheese for the first course. ~

Cheese tortellinis with rosée sauce along with more cheese and cheese for the main course. XD;

I had chocolate profiterole for dessert. ~ The chocolate sauce was suuuuper yummy! *v*

Overall the dinner was very delicious. :3 It was a liiittle bit pricey for only pastas but they were homemade so it was worth it but still a little bit pricey. ^w^'' The bread bar and the dessert was the most delicious. :3 I was super happy to spend time with my friends around a delicious meal like that and I hope I can see them again soon! ^w^

Last week I also received a couple of things in the mail! ~ I want to make a little review of both orders because I feel like it! ^0^/

First, I got a Holley Tea Time blue Fairy-Kei skirt! :3

I ordered it the second week of March but it was in item made to order so according to the website it would take around 6 to 8 weeks to make. I received an email the last week of April to say that my skirt had been shipped and I received it the second week of May. So everything was on time! ^w^

It was on sale and I paid around... 75$ CAD for it with the shipping. Usually her skirts are around that price without the shipping and in USD so to me it was a deal! ~

I bought a size 3XL (their largest size) and it said on the website that it would fit someone with a waist from 35 to 61 inches... Which is technically true but I do have a 48 to 50 inches waist (depending on the time of the month, how much I have eaten, etc...) and it's a tiny bit tight on me... Not uncomfortably tight, but I would not recommend it for someone with a much bigger waist than me. Maybe if I wear it more it will loosen up with time? We will see!

The material is INCREDIBLY soft! I couldn't stop petting it while I was trying it on. XD; It's kind of a stretchy material, just like the onces used for swimsuits? I don't usually like this kind of material but since I will wear the skirt mainly for Fairy-Kei or casual cute outfits I don't really mind. It's super light and will definitely be comfy for summertime! :3 The craftsmanship is also awesome for the price I paid: no loose threads, the print is nice and clear, not too pastel, not too bright. ~

I also received two stickers, an handwritten note and a cute business card with my order which I think is a super nice touch! ^w^ Overall I am very satisfied with the skirt, especially for the price I paid! I can't wait to wear it out this summer! ^w^

I also got a Bodyline order in the mail earlier this week! I got a bag, a headdress, four pairs of socks and three pairs of wristcuffs. ~

I placed my order at the end of April and I received it two days ago. It isn't that bad since I chose the cheapest shipping option and I wasn't in a hurry. It said on the website that the shipping could take between 10 to 90 days and my order took 16 business days to arrive which isn't that bad to me! ^w^

I paid nearly 65$ CAD for my order including shipping which is a reasonable price to me considering how low the Canadian dollar is right now and how much I wanted those items in my closet. XD;

I'll review each item one by one! ^w^

I got this cute purple totebag!

This was the last item I put in my cart actually. I wanted a medium sized totebag that I could carry my D&D stuff in. ^w^'' The one I used to use wasn't rectangular and that would trigger me so I decided to buy another cute one. XD; I got it in purple since it's my favourite colour and it didn't had to match anything in particular. The print is not that detailed but it's cute and nice, the size was what I was looking for. There is a little pouch inside too for smaller items which is something I like. ~

An infamous "maxi-pad" headdress! XD;

It was so cheap, and blue, I had to get it! :3 I wanted a blue headdress for a long time because I love old-school Lolita to bits. ~ It's quite nicely made for the price! The lace and the ribbons are beautiful and they are nice quality. It's a decent size, not to small for my head but not too big either. I can't wait to wear it out!

2 pairs of red socks and 2 pairs of pink socks. ~

Unfortunately, one of the red pairs (the one from the far left) didn't fit me. Which is very sad because I have a couple of socks with the exact same pattern that fit me fine. ;w; But I was expecting it, I have very chunky calves (18 inches for the biggest part) and buying socks is often a hit or miss. ^w^'' It's more often a hit though because all the other pairs fit me fine and even with a little room to spare! The plain pink ones are my favourite, the lace is just soooo dainty. ~ The print from the red ones with roses is much more beautiful in real life too, I thought that the leaves would look a little tacky but they are truly pretty. :3

Finally, the wristcuffs!

I didn't plan to buy any wristcuffs at first (I wanted mainly to order socks to be honest XD) but these three pairs caught my heart! Plus, they were less than 5$ USD each so how could I resist? The three pairs are super stretchy and they got a lot of ruffled lace which looks nice on my bigger wrists. (They are around 8.5 inches I think?) I got the first pair to match with some red and white outfits I plan to wear in the near future. The lace is the most scratchy of them all but it's lovely so I don't really mind. I got the second pair to match a very specific outfit: My Little Bears Café jumperskirt along with a white short sleeved blouse. ~ (Maybe I can make them work with other outfits? We will see! ~) The bears are kind of heavy but they are securely sewn on so I won't worry too much. :3 As for the last pair it's the prettiest of them all! The lace is a super nice knitted lace (perfect for Country Lolita, ahh) along with cute red berries and a little flower! :3 I can't wait to wear them out with my Country Lolita outfits! ^w^

That post was a huge mashup of subjects isn't it! XD; I am not scheduled to work this week so I was planning on relaxing a lot since I caught a very bad cold during last weekend. (That's why I don't have outfit pictures, aah!) I also plan to do a huge spring cleanup of my place when I'll feel better so I can plan out my summer vacations better! :3 I want to get back into meal prep, baking, gardening and crafting this summer! ^w^ I'll also try to get more pictures of my outfits and to share my daily lolita lifestyle a little more on this blog, I kinda missed it! ~

xox ~ Petite Tomoyo. ✩

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